40 Burning Dice Slot

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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Online gambling was a thing of casual pastime, not too long ago. Most gamblers would just play for virtual credits from the comfort of their homes, and be happy to end up as the leaderboard toppers. But that has changed quite a lot in the last one and a half decade.

Today, online gaming has become a behemoth of an industry supporting countless other peripheral industries. A lot of real cash regularly flows in and out of online casinos, thus sparking enormous competition between the developers as well as casinos. Many developers have come up with various ways to deal with this competition. Some offer incredible free bonus features, while others lure prospective gamers with mind-blowing payouts.

EGT Interactive, however, has always relied on its unique gameplay and unprecedented innovation to ride the competition out. And this strategy, so far as we can tell, has stood them in a very good stead. 40 Burning Dice is one of their soon-to-be-released games and quite expectedly, it has become a hot topic of discussion in various online gaming circles.

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A Novel Take on Dice Games

While dice games have existed for centuries, they just recently entered the virtual gaming world enabling punters to roll the dice and play for real money. But the free 40 Burning Dice game isn’t at all like those overly simplistic games with questionable software. Backed by the illustrious track record of EGT Interactive, this game seems to have ticked most boxes required for success even before the release.

It has to be made clear here that 40 Burning Dice shouldn’t be treated as yet another slot game, because it’s not. It’s got a whole new gameplay variety thanks to its dice-based reel system where two variables in the form of two dice will dictate the terms. These differences are more likely to be clearer once we get to try a roll of free 40 Burning Dice. The release date of this game hasn’t yet been declared, but we expect it to hit every top online casino by the Halloween, when the market is just ripe for new games.

More Lines = More Wins

40 Burning Dice features a set of 40 paylines. Given that there are only 5 reels to play with, the reel to payline ratio is small enough to improve the odds of striking winning combinations. But there is a catch. The combinations are valid only from the left to the right. So, if you end up having all the symbols required for a combination in the opposite order, your roll of the dice will still yield nothing.

Speaking of symbols, there aren’t too many in this game. The regular symbols – the low paying ones – are all dice and numbers. Their various combinations can, however, help you recover your stakes easily and swiftly. So, it’s a good idea to watch out for them.

Before rolling the dice, you will be allowed to set the denominations of the coins you will be staking. While we aren’t sure about the range of these denominations, it can be expected that the variance offered will be wide enough to accommodate players of extreme budgets.

But It Gets Better…

While it’s rather disappointing to see that the paylines aren’t valid in all orders, there is some consolation ahead. It comes in the form of the wild and the scatter symbols of this game. There is only one wild, as is the norm for a game of 5 reels. Denoted by a beautiful ‘Girl Joker’ symbol, the wild of 40 Burning Dice can substitute for every other symbol, barring the scatter symbols. The wild symbol also comes with an automatic 2x multiplier. So, any valid combination in which the wild symbol substitutes for a regular symbol will double your bet for that payline.

EGT Interactive has provided two scatters for this game. They are represented by the Dice with Yellow Hieroglyph and the Dice with Green Hieroglyph. We expect there to be some differences in the bonus features that each of these scatters triggers, but it definitely is an exciting feature to have for a game of this size.

40 Burning Dice – Our Verdict

EGT Interactive has carved a niche for themselves as a developer with solid, reliable and secure games. So, it’s only fair for us to be excited about their scheduled releases. From the looks of it, this appears to be a game that can provide a fair bit of entertainment to players. Therefore, if not only for profits, it will be great to play 40 Burning Dice for fun.

Since all recent releases from EGT Interactive have been mobile friendly, it’s safe to assume that a stutter-free mobile gaming experience on a tablet or a smartphone will be available for 40 Burning Dice. Needless to say, we will publish a more detailed, hands-on review for this game when it’s released. Till then, join us in the guessing game!