Aristocrat Jaws and Night Hunter Slot Alternatives

Jaws Night Hunter Aristocrat SlotLicensed slots are by no means a common occurrence among the Aristocrat range, but the fact is that when they get their hands on a property, you can be sure that the end result will be up there with the best that any developer has to offer. There is absolutely no better evidence of this than two of their most popular slots around the world, both of which are based on the Jaws franchise. That shark made for one of the classic movies of all time, plus a couple of less than classic sequels. Fortunately, both the Jaws slot and its sequel, Jaws Night Hunter, appear all set to become classics in their own right. In fairness to the games, it is the theme that stands out head and shoulders above the gameplay and so this was at the front of our minds when deciding on the best online alternatives. Neither of the games have yet been converted for online play, so your options are either to head to the casino or check out our selections below, and we would of course recommend the latter – although we’re biased! Nevertheless, if you’re after some movie style action from just about any generation, or simply great licensed slots (or one with sharks) then we’ve got you covered. Check them out with no deposit here on the site, or play for real money at the casinos that we’ve got next to each game.

Video Slot Iron Man 2Iron Man 2 – Speaking of us being biased, we’re absolutely suckers for Playtech’s Marvel range and so if the opportunity arises to include one of those slots then we’re not going to miss it! We’ve chosen Iron Man 2 primarily because it looks more like the movie than any other Marvel slot, even down to the photorealistic graphics. However, that’s not all that excites us about this Jaws alternative as, just like Aristocrat’s game, you can play over 25 win lines and enjoy some genuinely thrilling free spins. Jaws may not fly around in a suit of armour but as far as recognisable movie characters go, these are both right up there and their respective slots share plenty in common, making this our top pick. Check is out at our featured Playtech casinos below.

Scarface slotScarface – Spoiling the Playtech clean sweep is Net Entertainment. Scarface came out in 1983, while Jaws was released in 1975 but the chances are that if you like Jaws for the license then you’ll probably be of a generation that can also appreciate another classic movie. There are slightly fewer win lines with twenty available, but the gameplay isn’t why Scarface is featured. Instead, the whole atmosphere makes it just like actually being there thanks to video clips, animations and sound effects. If you’ve played Jaws or Night Hunter then you’ll be well aware that these are the main selling points of that game too, so you’ll be right at home here. Of course, the best thing about any Net Entertainment slot compared to an Aristocrat counterpart is that you’re more than welcome to play online in Australia and beyond, so be sure to check it out at the great casinos below. Of course, if you’d rather see whether the game is for you without the risk then you can play it here at Mr Gamez first, with no deposit or registration needed.

video slots - The SopranosThe Sopranos – Returning to Playtech’s range of slots, we’ve got a game that isn’t a movie tie in and would actually serve well as an alternative to Scarface. However, in the same way that the atmosphere on Scarface is what really defines it as a game, you’ll really enjoy what this one has to offer in terms of sounds and graphics. Like Scarface, The Sopranos makes use of twenty win lines which is only slightly fewer than on Jaws, but what it does have to boost it up the rankings is the fact that the bonus game is based on free spins, which Jaws fans will definitely be used to. Throw in envelopes full of cash and an additional bonus game and you’ve got all of the licensed excitement of Jaws with even more to look forward to.

classic slots - Bermuda TriangleBermuda Triangle – We could easily have packed this alternatives page with our favourite movie and television themed games, but instead we’ve opted for perhaps the core theme of Jaws itself – peril in the water. Bermuda Triangle is a classic style slot, meaning only three reels and five win lines, but it is also one of the few online slots where you can expect to see a menacing shark on a regular basis. It may be classic in nature, but Bermuda Triangle isn’t overly simple and you’ll have a great time working on your strategy if that’s what you like to do. Different bets make for different prizes, and not just in the way you’d expect, so there’s plenty of fun to be had. Check it out alongside The Sopranos and Iron Man 2 at these recommended Playtech casinos: