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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Nothing is quite so majestic as seeing a phoenix rise up out of the ashes, blossoming into a raging ball of flames and power. It’s the stuff of legends, and now also the theme behind Arising Phoenix, from Amatic.

The symbolism of the game won’t be lost on players, and so there’s probably no finer (or accurate) reading of what it’s like to be a slot machine player than that of the phoenix. That being said, appearance can only get a title so far, after that they need quality if they’re to keep an audience riveted. Does Arising Phoenix manage this?

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Set Ablaze

What we find most refreshing about the design and composure of the game is that it doesn’t go overboard with fire imagery. Even though the phoenix is synonymous with flames and setting ablaze, the appearance of these elements are limited. They mainly only show up, in abundance, when a win is made.

That isn’t to say that the theme makes no sense though, but rather that it has a more refined and mystic quality rather than tacky or over the top aesthetics. The decision to go for the former is arguably why so many people have become so bewitched by Arising Phoenix. There’s a subtlety of wisdom in its gameplay and style.

In regards to the layout itself, the 3×5 grid is decorated by the slimmest of golden frames, with fancy flourishes in the four corners. Surrounding the edges you have the coloured squares that indicate the number of active winlines, and underneath is where you’ll see the main body of the controls. Format wise, this is no different from the vast majority of online slot machines, breeding familiarity and comfortableness, even if you don’t know the Amatic brand well.

The Face of a Flaming Angel

The respin feature is the closest you’ll get to a bonus round, and it’ll involve a lot of hard work (and luck) to get it to trigger. For the special to begin, you’ll need to fill the first reel with wild symbols and equivalent icons of value, once this happens, the respin comes into effect.

Sometimes you can prolong the experience by finding more of the associated symbols during the feature, but if not the round will end and the wins (if any) will be added to your funds.

It’s very lacklustre when you think about it, not to mention the whole feature can become void if you land a grid filled with the flaming woman icon. A full screen win will bring in lots of money, as much as €40,000, but it also means that the respin can’t be triggered; it’s a catch-22.

The Beginning of a New Journey

Getting started with Arising Phoenix is hassle free due to the controls; you merely have to set the totals via the big red Bet button and you can soon be on your way. There’s also a Lines widget that allows you to change up the size and volatility of the title, which is great for those who like to challenge themselves.

Despite being able to alter the number of paylines, gamers won’t be able to drop the amount down lower than 10, meaning that whilst there is flexibility, it’s restricted. Personally, having that restriction safeguards you against mass amounts of frustration, but nonetheless, not having the option to decrease further will undoubtedly annoy potential players.

The top amount you can play on any line is €1, whereas the most is €125; that final sum looks scary, especially when you consider it works out as a total €5,000 wager, but there’s a positive. The jackpot can jump to a staggering €5,000,000!

One issue does arise here, though, gameplay wise – and that’s that there’s no maximum bet toggle, meaning you have to input the information manually. It’s a bind.

Face Melting Action

In reality, your face is going to remain pretty darn safe when playing Arising Phoenix, but only because the heat of the activity is safely contained inside your computer screen.

This title is a great example of a modern slot machine; it has very little in the way of flaws but a whole lot of positives.