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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Who doesn’t love the cute black and white face of pandas? Whether they’re portrayed in animated glory like in Kung Fu Panda, or seen on a wildlife programme, we can’t get enough of their fuzzy bodies and cuddly appearance.

This is so true that we often forget that these are one of many endangered animals throughout the world, which means the only time you’re probably going to get up close and personal with one is either in a zoo or by playing Big Panda.

This 5-reel real cash slot, created by Amatic, is a mixture of old school and contemporary, resulting in a middling appearance and gameplay title. Basically, it looks quite old, but it still has quite a few modern flourishes to make both retro users and hip young things happy. We may even dare to call it postmodern, if we wanted to get all technical.

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Simplicity Is Key

Too often the control panel of a game is too complicated, and potential players are put off before they’ve even had chance to play, but with Big Panda that won’t happen. Everything is clearly labelled to ensure you know exactly what you’re betting and on which winlines. There’s up to 50, with a minimum of 10 lines needed to play.

There’s no maximum bet toggle, making clicking through the betting range tedious. An autospins option is available though, but it’s of the start and stop variety rather than one where you get to select the number of rounds played.

Turn on to Gamble

So many slots have gamble features now that they’re almost expected, and so finding out that Big Panda has one will likely come as no surprise. That being said, the way you’re offered the gamble option is – you have to turn on the option for it to become available. Usually they start up automatically after every win, with you able to walk away if you wish, but here it’s the other way round.

Assuming you want to risk your money further, you’ll be given a choice between the colour of the card and the suit of it, with the suit options reaping greater rewards. Of course, with that comes higher volatility and thus harsher losses should you miss the mark. It’s certainly one for those foolhardy, or should we say brave, enough to attempt to beat the system; good luck!

Super Size Me

If only we were referring to ordering a Big Mac, but alas we’re on about the Super Symbols that come along with the Bonus Spins of the game. For the symbols to show up, you’ll need to line up five of the bonus tiles, which already means the odds are stacked against you, as getting five of a kind, in any online slot, is tough. However, we’ll ignore that for a second and plough on.

The Super Symbols are golden, presented on a deep green background, and are given before each free spin awarded to you. Their job is to try and increase the payout you’ll get, should you make a winning combination. The more of them that turn up, the greater your payout, with the possibly of the icons filling the entire grid.

High Rollers Steal the Show

Big Panda, we’re afraid to say to all you budget gamers, is very much about betting big to get large rewards. Sure, you can go in with the minimum betting amount and still win up to 5,000 credits for the panda icon, but wouldn’t you rather that figure jump to 50,000 instead? We know we would. Well, then you’re going to have to put more cash down and hope that Lady Luck favours you.

Big, Cute and Cuddly

This is a cute game without being overly adorable, making it a slot that spans genders and ages with ease, opening up the potential market. What is more, Big Panda gives big wins, if you’re willing to stake a wager just a juicy; get out what you put in, so to speak.