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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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There’s a little more to the Eye of Ra than meets, well, the eye. Looking at the mythology of it for the moment, the eye is actually seen as the female equivalent to Ra the Sun God. What is more, while equal to his greatness, the eye is also seen as extension of him at the same time. This in turn, makes understanding the history of the mythology all the more complex.

Although this 5-reel slot shares the same name, it’s not nearly as complicated as the legends, although the unique design of the network of images may have new users stumped at first. Only time, and a lot of gaming, will tell us if Eye of Ra is every bit as interesting as the Egyptian stories, and so it’s that time we all love – getting down to hands on play.

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Retro Egypt

We’ve become used to seeing flashy 3D animations and tangible graphics, that when we’re greeted by lesser quality, we turn our noses up without hesitation; the temptation to do so with Eye of Ra is great.

However, when you take in the finer details of its design and interface, you begin to get a solid retro vibe that you can’t ignore. It looks like a video game from the 1990s, but that’s part of the fun of it; modern titles are ten a penny, but real old school is hard to find, especially those with a novelty theme.

The colour palette is very colourful and eye catching, but without being too overzealous, meaning you don’t get dazzled by the brightness and thus turned off from the game. The imagery employed is basic, with many of the icons generic rather than exclusive, but again, it works for this real cash slot.

Bye Bye Winlines

Don’t be alarmed, the winlines disappearing is a good thing, as it means the volatility of this slot has decreased a lot; with 720 ways to play, you’re sure to get more wins than losses, at least that’s the theory. When put into practice, the victories don’t roll in as frequently as we’d like, but they’re still more consistent than other Amatic games, which is a plus.

Due to the nature of the dynamics, there’s no break down of your bet, but instead just one final sum, which will probably prove a lot easier to deal with for newbies.

With a base bet like that there’s no chance of overspending because you don’t forget about all the paylines and their individual amounts. Also, it means a much lower pay-in than you might be used to from the brand, yet another reason for gamers to celebrate.

Get in Formation

As we touched upon, briefly, the layout of the reels is unconventional to say the least; rather than equal reels in a 3×5 format, there’s a 3x4x5x4x3 layout. Even though the look is very out there and different, it doesn’t have much, if any, bearing on the gameplay. In all honesty, it only helps to shake up what you expect, aesthetically speaking, rather than what it actually does.

Watchful Eye

The Eye of Ra and its eyes are the expanding wilds of the game, which means that they not only go about substituting, but that they can do so in greater numbers. Consequently, you can tot up a higher kitty than with conventional wilds. However, when you enter the Bonus Spins, where they land is restricted to the third reel only.

Despite what the name of the feature level might suggest, it’s far from a bonus round and more of an intermission; you get three or more of the bonus tile, and then boom, there’s your extra rounds. There’s no pick me options or wheels of fortune, which we’d normally say constitutes a bonus level. Thankfully though, the spins apologise by giving you more spins should you reactivate them; it’s not much, but hell, it’s something!

Dead and Buried

Oh, Eye of Ra, we wanted to keep you alive indefinitely, enjoying your spoils and walking away with pockets brimming with gold. Sadly, that wasn’t going to be the case – you just don’t have the variance needed.

What is more, you’re essentially like every other Amatic slot machine: you’re simply wearing a different face to pique our interests, then offering no innovation.

Arguably, if you’ve played one Amatic title and enjoyed it, you’ll probably appreciate this one, but it’s doubtful you’ll gain anything new from it. But maybe all you want is the cash prize, in which case, play on.