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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Sometimes all we can do is get back to nature, remove ourselves from the hum of technology and become one with the great outdoors. Well, the same can be said for gamers. Sometimes they just want to get back to basics, to simplistic entertainment, without complications and unsightly frills. They want purity.

One of the ways that they can obtain that minimalist experience is by playing a game of Fire and Ice, courtesy of Amatic. Having chosen two intense elements, you’d expect the grid to be a blizzard of flames as you line up combinations on either the 10 or 20 winlines, but that isn’t the case.

Instead of seeing flames licking at ice, you have a low key design that leaves a lot to be desired. Still, we’ll remain positive for now and give the brand the benefit of the doubt.

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Stripping It All Back

Utilising a black background with bright blues and oranges, whilst a stark contrast, doesn’t help Fire and Ice stand out from its competitors. In fact, it could easily slip into the unknown without a moment’s thought given for its passing. This is one of those times where Amatic could have gone all out, or at least tried to; despite the vintage vibe, there’s no need to leave your online slot looking so… naked.

This is a real cash slot only a true fan could love, but their loyalty has a tempting pay off in the form of large piles of credits, some to over the tune of 12,500 and that isn’t even the highest return available. With money like that, this slot might not need great looks after all.

Doubling Up

Instead of one bonus symbol, which would be more than enough, there’s now two in Fire and Ice: one blue star and one orange one, which (you guessed it) represent the two elements. It’s important to state right here and now that, although dubbed bonus icons, their bonus is that of free spins. From what has gone before and since from the brand, it would seem a tactic they favour.

Even though you’ve been given double your chances, you’ve had the volatility cranked back up to normality by the fact that these symbols can only land on the first and sixth reels. The only redeeming factor of all this is that they’ll pay in any position, if both of them are involved.

Only seven free games will be gifted to you, which is on the low side even for Amatic, who normally have a standard of 10. Nonetheless, you have to take your victories where you can get them with this title.

Would You Risk It?

Hello, gamble option, our old friend. You’re back with your trusty deck of cards, that seem to only have five to its name. Oh how we enjoy trying to decide between red and black and the suit, it so thrills us.

Okay, sarcasm aside, the double or nothing here is well worth paying attention to if you have an appetite for living on the edge, or simply can’t get enough of that sweet green stuff.

You can wait for the gamble option to present itself, or plan ahead and turn the setting to on so that it launches automatically, thus making the entire experience more seamless and less hands on. A huge win for those who always favour the autospins over manual gameplay.

The correct colour guess gets you a x2 multiplier slapped on top of your earnings, but the right suit will get x4. Choose wisely, as both are loaded guns, waiting to go off and blow up in your face and take your money along with it.

Not Unusual Enough

The 6 reels may be unexpected, but that’s about as innovative and quirky as Amatic gets before they rein in back in with old school ways. This is a great little number for those of a purist disposition, but if you want all the bells and whistles, you’re going to be beyond disappointed.

The wins are rather large, which may soften the blow for any disgruntled players, but there’s little else on offer than is the industry standard these days; even the bonus round isn’t what it seems…