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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Players are going to be shooting off into space, exploring the corners of the galaxy on their quest to get the Star Gem, the holy grail that is a 5-reels slot from the makers over at Amatic.

Removed from their mundane design of traditional slots, this is a breath of fresh air, albeit air you can’t breathe in without a astronaut helmet. Safety and all that jazz, folks.

Just to prove how intergalactic this slot machine is, the brand has gone outside the parameters of its normal setup, and provided gamers with 100 winlines. That’s right, winlines not ways to play, making this a truly unique slot. With so much fuel in our engines and a bubbling excitement for adventuring, we’re blasting off!

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Strange New Worlds

You won’t have come across a planet quite like this one, for it’s made up (mostly) of 5 reels of carved gemstones; these aren’t the kind that twinkle, yet they can still be cashed in for ample amounts of cash.

Notice how we said mostly earlier? Well that’s because two of the icons are old fashioned, the BAR and the 7, which makes both of them stand out, and yet feel lost in the void of space. Surely they would have been turned into fancier looking jewels?

We digress. The one tile that has everyone talking on this space voyaging craft is the wild, for it triggers the Respin Feature. Amatic are known for being tight when it comes to extras, and so seeing a new one from them is an added bonus we weren’t expecting. However, it comes at a cost – there’s no other features save for it.

Three Stars on the Horizon

The wild, taking the shape of a multicoloured star, is your ticket to the Respins, but for it to work you’ll need them stacked on top of one another. Only one column will do, though the more you find the better your chances; once you’ve got a whole reel, it will spin again free of charge. A gift from Amatic to you.

Best of all though is that another spin can be triggered during this short but sweet feature, meaning that you can get locked into a loop of the Respins Feature. That’s the theory at least, it never happened for us, but it might for you, and what’s space exploration without positivity and hard work!

Cards in Space

Astronauts get bored, okay? They’re out there in the unknown, working tirelessly for us, and so they need some downtime. When it comes to Gem Star though, that down time comes with a big risk factor – it can double your money or wipe it clean out.

You’ll have seen this before, whether that be from Amatic or another company, and so the rules will rarely differ to what you know: guess the colour, double your money, guess wrong, lose the round. Here though you have a double double option (that’s a technical term, yes), where you can guess the suit of the card and get x4 of your winnings. You’ll know when to play because the Gamble widget will blink at you, though you can save it the trouble and click it at the start of your game, ensuring it activates itself rather than requiring your assistance.

Testing Systems

Gem Star has a demo mode for all you explorers who want the depths of space, but without commitment, and that’s okay. But for those of you that need to go all the way, you’ll have to grease the palms of your pilot to ensure a smooth take off. The minimum fee is 100 credits, which is going to sound like a lot of money to a lot of people, and while it is steep, it isn’t the worst we’ve seen from Amatic. Though whether that comforts you is a different thing entirely.

This figure can be condensed down further, but to do so would lose out on the novelty of having 100 paylines, which in short leads to larger volatility and less winning combinations. Still, being able to play 10 paylines is better than decreasing all the way to just 1, so there’s a silver lining in there somewhere, it’s just hard to see.

A Star Is Born

We love Gem Star. It’s uncomplicated, it’s fun to look at and easy to play. We’re suckers when it comes to space, but then again, so are a great deal many others.

And while the pay-in is on the high side, for the number of chances you get from so many paylines, we’d say that on this occasion, the price is right and worth it.