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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Amatic wasn’t content with just having one slot machine named Hot with an added number, and therefore decided that another should be thrown into the mix; say hello to Hot 81. This real cash game has 81 ways to play (what do you know), and has 4-reels instead of the expect 3 or 5.

It’s clearly a vintage game, and so those expecting a fully immersive, virtual experience that has them confused about what is the real world and what isn’t, should go elsewhere. Don’t even bother with the demo. This is a decent slot machine, but it isn’t one that will be enjoyed by anyone other than minimalist gamers and retro loving fanatics; it’s a niche title.

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Hot Rod

The appearance of this title looks like the front end of an old fashioned car, like something you’d see back in a 1950s American teen movie; it belongs in a drive-thru. Given how the game has been designed to look and feel as vintage as possible, the choice in aesthetic is well made, giving this slot a stand out design.

Despite the fact that it looks distinctly different to Hot 27, all the components that make the game work are in the same places – the controls are at the bottom, the title above the grid, the tiles in the middle.

Amatic doesn’t tend to deviate from what they’re used to, which is both a blessing and a curse. Great for knowing what to expect, bad because their games will never change.

Wild Star Wins

As you’ve probably gathered for yourself, there are no free spins, no bonus, virtually nothing at all… save for the redeeming feature of the Wild Star. It’s a dressed up wild, made to look better than what it really is.

On its own, this tile does little other than sub other icons, but make a wall of them and you could be landing a decent payout with an initial stake of 10 credits. Ramp that baby up to 100 and you’re smokin’.

Do You Dare to Risk It All?

Paying money to potentially lose out is scary enough on its own, but when you then risk it further to increase your profits, it becomes an even more intense experience. That’s what the gamble option is giving to those who enter: the chance for bigger wins, but with greater risks. You likely know the drill by now if you’re a regular player, but just in case you’re new here, we’ll let you in on what to expect.

A flashing card will be in the middle of the screen, with options for red, black, clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts. What you need to do is guess which is the correct answer. Sounds simple enough, but the consequence of getting it wrong is that you lose the money from your last win.

More Wins for Me

Having ways to win instead of paylines is a clever way of fooling users into believing that the volatility is less than what it really is, because the assumption is that more ways equals more wins. Even though on some level that’s true, what brand’s fail to warn you about is that these wins tend to be much smaller than those you’d get from winlines. What is more, they don’t happen as often as you might think – we played several rounds and only ever got a 9 ways win.

Burn Out

Hot 81, as far as Amatic and its product list goes, falls somewhere in the middle. Its graphics are poor, but that’s acceptable given the age and aesthetic of the title. The payouts are great, but for a steep cost, and the features are nonexistent save for one.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether this is one for you or not, but if you’re teetering on the edge, maybe give the free play a try first.