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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Lady Joker is a dizzying slot to look at, partly on account of its inverted playing cards that will have you holding your laptop upside down but also on account of its jarring colours. If you like clashing colours and garish graphics, you’ll feel right at home playing this low-key slot from Amatic.

Austrian developer Amatic aren’t known for their slick and detailed graphics, but even so, they’ve hardly covered themselves in glory with Lady Joker.

It ain’t pretty, put it that way, but hey: slots are about more than mere aesthetics, and there are other reasons why you might elect to put Lady Joker through its paces. If it were the last video slot in existence, for example, you’d probably be happy to play this messy 5-reel effort. With thousands of other slots competing for your time and money, however, there’s little to love about Lady Joker.

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High Volatility

Purveyors of games with high volatility will at least be drawn to Lady Joker to see whether they can beat the odds and walk away with a fat stack courtesy of the lady herself. Activate all 50 paylines and you can wager as much as 10,000 per spin – or a more respectable 500 if you’d like to make your credits last longer than a couple of spins.

Controls for line/bet can be viewed below the reels, but they’re also accessible by clicking either side of the reels, whereupon controls will open with plus and minus symbols allowing you to adjust each one. There’s an auto play button, but clicking on this won’t toggle a submenu: it’s either on or it’s off and that’s it. If you fancy muting the sound or accessing the paytable, you’ll find these controls in the top left of the screen.

The Theme

As its name would suggest, Lady Joker is heavily based around playing cards. Many slots draw upon playing cards to derive the value of their lower symbols such as 10, J, Q, K. Lady Joker has gone the full hog however, with a complete deck of cards represented. The lower symbols are simply styled, with an ace, club, spade or diamond accompanying them, each one rendered in a different colour.

With the higher value symbols, however, stronger imagery comes into play that resembles that of traditional playing cards. The queen clutches a rose and the king his sceptre. If nothing else, sighting these symbols will give you a flicker of nostalgia as you recall how all playing cards used to look like this.

Joker’s Features

Lady Joker has both a joker and a jester at its disposal when it comes to the game’s special symbols. The wild symbol is played, somewhat confusingly, by a woman wearing a jester hat, but she’s clearly meant to be the joker of the game.

The wild symbol will serve as a substitute for any of the game’s regular symbols, not only turning them into winning combos, but applying a multiplier of 2, 3 or 5. This isn’t dependant upon the number of wilds on a payline; it’s a random multiplier, so you’ll just need to wait and see how much you win once the wilds show up.

The scatter symbol is player by a theatrical jester mask and is worth a lot in its own right: 4 scatters are worth 10,000 and 5 are worth a whopping 125,000. There’s a gamble feature built in to Lady Joker too; any time you win a sum on the reels, activate gamble and try to guess the colour of the next card, black or red, to double your money.

Volatility’s Its Saviour

Lady Joker is an awful looking game that slightly redeems itself through its features and gameplay. Even these aren’t spectacular, but they’re a sight better than the graphics.

The whole thing just feels cheap and nasty, but Lady Joker is a nevertheless intriguing title for its high volatility. With the ability to bet huge sums in a single spin, this game is not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure. Slots completists might want to play it, simply to say they’ve played it, but everyone else will have one look and take a rain check on this lacklustre slot.