Android Slots

Mobile phones have gone through quite a revolution since the start of the millennia. What you have in your pocket, or more usually in your hand, is a powerful pocket computer, capable of much more than making calls and sending texts. These days mobile phones are perhaps the primary source of on-the-go entertainment. A few minutes spent browsing the internet, playing games or chatting with your friends is easy enough, anywhere in the world.

Online casinos have taken note of this, and they are fast becoming an easy source of amusement, socialising and even big wins. Android phones and tablets of today fare well against iOS phones and have probably even surpassed them in status and use. When it comes to online play there is practically no difference between the two. At worst you might have to decide whether to download an app from the Play Store or App Store.

Most casinos have given up on specialised apps, thanks to the development of technologies, which allow direct play through any browser. Touch screens allow perhaps an even better way of playing than traditional desktop computers. The fact that you can play anywhere, any time and any place is quickly changing the dynamics of online play. Today, the majority of casino gamers are mobile players.

Read more below on suggested Android slots, casinos, and a brief explanation of how the system works.

How Mobile Slots Work

These days, as in the last few years, most slots producers have moved on to creating their games in HTML5. This is a programming language used to create websites, and nowadays also apps, games, and software. Previously anything requiring something more complicated than plain text needed third-party software, such as Java or Flash to run. The advantage of HTML5 is the user doesn’t need to download anything extra and the games will work directly from your browser without any extra effort. If you’re holding a smartphone or a tablet in your hands you’re all set to go.

The only real difference between playing slots on a mobile device and on a desktop computer is the screen size. This is why sometimes gaming studios create different versions of the game. Mobile slots tend to have streamlined options and, for example, buttons that are easier to use from a smaller screen. Gaming-wise there are no differences. Return to player (RTP) stays the same, as do the primary functions of any game. All changes are purely visual.

The technical aspects remain the same: you connect to the casino, the site runs the game code on their end, and you play the slot on your mobile screen. Security, safety, and fairness are well taken care of using the same methods as on any other platform.

Downloadable Casino Apps

It’s possible to download casino games from app stores, though you should note that these are actually just casino themed mobile games. They’re not actually real money games – you’d never be put in a situation where you’d have to download real games onto your phone. What you can do is download casino specific apps. If you’re looking for slots for Android, downloading Google Play Store is the place to go.

These are applications that are built by the casinos themselves and their primary purpose is to offer a better user experience. Though modern browsers are capable of a lot of things, they are still not capable of everything. As with screen size, some things just need to be streamlined. Special casino apps, be it for Android or iOS, offer added functionality and easier to use interface. Usual benefits are easier checking of balance, contacting customer service with one touch, or multi-table support on the screen.

Playing for Free

There are two ways to play for free: one is simply using play money and the other is by taking advantage of no deposit bonuses. The latter requires registration to the selected casino, whereas the former can be done on most casinos by simply entering the site. There’s a good number of websites, and MrGamez is one of them, that offer demo versions of most, if not all, online slots. When playing with play money, you get play money. It is, however, an excellent way of testing slots, to find out the one you want to spend real cash on.

No deposit bonuses usually come in the form of free spins. Though these offer no difference whether your device is desktop, iOS or Android, casinos do sometimes offer bonuses for simply registering and using the site with a mobile device. Familiarise yourself with our selected offers and pick the best ones to try.

One of the most popular Android slots and perhaps one of the reasons for the mobile device boom in casinos is NetEnt’s Starburst. There are countless offers for free spins waiting to be picked. If you’re looking for the best Android slots game you can start here.

Playing for Real Money

Playing Android slots to win real money is best done by playing with actual cash. Though a no deposit bonus is one way to go, it usually doesn’t offer more than a few bucks worth of spins. To get playing with real money you should first take a look at our list of recommended casinos. Once you’ve found one that tickles your fancy you can start playing for real by creating an account, depositing and choosing a game to start with.

This type of play has the added benefit of bonuses. First deposit players can take advantage of massive bonuses, that usually offer money and free spins in the hundreds. If you’re into jackpot games then real money play is a must, as otherwise, you have no chance of activating them.

We suggest finding an Android slot that takes the best advantage of features offered by mobile devices. Touchscreen functionality, bonus games and ease of use are important considerations. Not all slots are a matter of simply spinning the reels. There’s a wide variety of games to choose from, all with different qualities. Castle Builder, Bonanza, Book of Dead, Gonzo’s Quest, Gemix, Mega Moolah and Hall of Gods are some of the most popular Android slot games at the moment.

Is Android Safe?

Safety in the world of online casinos is mainly determined by the connection you use and the casino you’ve selected. As always, it’s not a good idea to use public Wi-Fi to send private information. Use the internet connection provided by your service provider and you should have no worries about safety from your own end.

Casinos, on the other hand, are a bit more of a complex issue. The safety of the site depends mostly on the licence it carries. Most European licences, such as Malta and UK, require the casino to make sure that all their services are provided via secure connections, and all the data is safe and sound. The money you send, receive and hold in your gaming account is secure and usually separate from the casino’s funds. When you venture outside European casinos, you start risking these things, as they report to no one in particular. It also comes with the added danger of your winnings not being tax-free.

Luckily, we have gathered a list of trustworthy casinos which have won several awards for their mobile games and also adhere to rules about safety. Microgaming, in turn, is a software provider that has won many awards for its mobile games. They offer platform solutions to many operators and are worth trying out.

Offline Play

If you want to play Android slots offline, then it’s fun money slots you ought to look for. There’s currently no way to play offline with real money, as a connection to the casino is naturally required. The primary source for these is not casinos, but rather different software producers that offer mobile games. However, they don’t offer the possibility of real money play in the first place.

When the whole purpose of mobile devices is to offer online connectivity wherever you are, it’s of little use for anyone to use them to play offline. Still, you can download some casino apps and try them at your own leisure. When it comes to social games, such as poker or bingo, this is another story, and the possibilities are endless.