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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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It’s time to pull on those thermal layers, grab the winter woolies, and wrap up ready for a day out in the snow, as Board Babe is crash landing onto your devices with a heavy bang. This blonde haired vixen has all the time in the world to frolic about in the snow, embracing Christmas cheer all year round, thanks to the creators over at Arrow’s Edge.

Similar to Metropolis in size and layout, it would be easy to assume that the same level of low variance awaits us here, but Board Babe, in fact, has a little extra to offer us then the postmodern reels of its sister slot. Although in truth this title only has two features just as Metropolis did, Board Babe actually has free games to offer its users, which immediately increases the diversity found here.

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Gay and Bright

Even though there’s a snowy landscape pictured here, with snowflakes falling from the crisp skies, the colours are surprisingly vivid, with an intensity that burns your eyes. Clearly no one shies away from using lots of colour over at brand HQ.

In addition to the exhilarating rush of colours from upon the matrix, you have an animated cartoon aesthetic, with simplistic yet effective design features. We wouldn’t say they’re high definition graphics, but they’re well crafted enough to give a sense of tangibility; think of it as a lower budget version of Dream Works.

Layout wise, everything is as typical as it can be, making for easy adaptability for those experienced in numerous slot machines and brands. What is more, novice gamers can pick up the controls with little effort, thanks to the conventional setup.

White as Snow

The blue snowflake icon is the bringer of the extra games, and seeing as that’s the most exciting tile of the entire paytable, we thought it best to start with it.

Players need just a minimum of three for the rounds to begin, with cash prizes given to those who make these matches. However, how many spins actually given remains unknown for we never triggered the feature, and the paytable doesn’t say. Judging by the volume delivered in other Arrow’s Edge games, we suspect (roughly) between 10 and 15 waves to be handed out in total. Though again we must state that this is but a guess.

As if to try and soften the blow, the brand has allowed the scatters to land anywhere upon the matrix, rather than restricting them to a single reel. It’s not much, but at least it’s a small way to make up for their lack of depth in communicating the depth of their prizes and bonuses.

The Gift of Giving

A progressive jackpot of two halves is active from the moment you start playing Board Babe, even if that should be in the demo version, though the money will never truly be yours even if you should ‘win’ it. Let’s pretend that you’re playing with real money though – what can you expect to gain?

When we played, the two totals barely changed, with the top amount (coming from the Mystery Jackpot) comprising of 9,967 credits, while the smaller cash sum (the Cash Grab Jackpot) only had a value of 2,268. Compared to when we played Metropolis, the figures seem to have remained pretty much the same, though the Cash Grab has a thousand or so extra credits to its name.

Once again though, we have to inform you that there’s no clear way of triggering these amounts, which must mean they’re randomly handed out whenever you play.

Crashing Through the Snow

Board Babe looks the part, and sounds the part, but she doesn’t deliver the action and adventure we had been anticipating. The ante is upped in comparison to other slots from the brand, as we’ve commented on more than once, but that’s only because of the inclusion of extra games.

It seems a shame that such a promising real cash slot is reduced to nothing more than an average rating on a review, but that’s what happens when low variance dominates the matrix. Not enough features are given, and even a clever design won’t save it from that obvious fact.