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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Making a real cash slot thrilling can be an enormous challenge for developers, for the level of innovation that has been employed over the years almost guarantees that no theme is truly original. And yet Arrow’s Edge has managed to titillate us with their James Bond inspired License to Spin game.

The markers between the infamous British agent and the slick gentleman you see upon the grid is uncanny, but it ensures that a wider range of gamers will connect with the game; both fans and non-fans can appreciate what’s on offer here.

In true Arrow’s Edge style, alongside the animated graphics, there’s a fun bonus and some free spins as well, not to mention a progressive jackpot that can land in your lap at any time. In short, you’re about to be living life on the edge and all from a small first bet.

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Take Aim

First up on the feature list is the Respin Bonus, a simple yet effective means of gaining some extra currency when the gameplay begins to run dry. For this bonus to take effect, the wild symbol needs to land on the middle reel; that’s all there is to it.

Once it’s found its place, the respins will continue to occur for three rounds while the wild makes it way to the left hand side of the screen. But it doesn’t end there – our agent will appear and take aim at the reels, with one of two outcomes coming your way. He can land the shot and another set of spins is given to you, or he misses and the feature ends, but a new bonus begins, the Shaken not Stirred Feature.

Shaken Not Stirred

This level is a pick me selection process, though that isn’t to say that it won’t stimulate you, for you have to decide between two cocktails, handled by a curvaceous raven haired woman in red.

After making your decision, you’re able to leave with the total shown or opt for the second glass in a bid to get more money from the round. Even if you select the second cocktail and it’s lower than the first prize, you’ll only walk away with your final selection, so make sure you think about it before leaping on in. It’s best to impress with a keen eye rather than misplaced bravado.

Mad Money Dash

Money can come at your from all angles in this slot machine, but the prize you’ll really want is the larger half of the progressive payout, the Super Slots Jackpot. When we tried our hand at becoming a spy, the total has reached a grand sum of 49,620 credits, a wad of cash not to be sniffed at. Of course, you may only trigger the Cash Grab Jackpot, which is a rather low but still pleasing 1,262 coins; we know which suitcase of money we want to be taking home.

The thing is, we can’t tell you how you go about ensuring you get the money, for this is a random occurrence feature, or at least that what it seems to be; the information provided is vague. Still, with the totals constantly in eyes view just above the reels, you always have something to focus on when your resolve starts to waver.

Basic but All the Fun

Despite the basic nature of the design, with its 3 fixed winlines and 3 reels, this is by far one of the more stimulating slots we’ve played. In fact, by it being smaller it feels like we’ve been given a much needed change of pace, when all we’ve really be given is a smaller window in which to game.

And what does that mean? You guessed it, it means harsher volatility! But what would the life of an agent be without constant challenges to overcome – you don’t see 007 giving up, and you won’t see this agent do it either.

Spin for Your Life

If you want an exciting ride towards big money wins and an attractive interface in which to do it, License to Spin is your game. It’s small but mighty, and it brings hours of fun, with a shelf life that is longer than the average slot machine.