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It seems that sometimes, three-reel casino slot machines get something of a bad rap. While some players are still exciting to play these games, many modern gamblers assume they are too boring to be worth their time. This is a mistake, of course, as many developers have done great things in this smaller, more compact format.

One great example of a three-reel game that packs a lot of punch is Pixiu by Arrow’s Edge. At first, this unassuming game might not seem like much to look at, but there’s a lot to be discovered in this Chinese-themed slot. Players have the opportunity to choose their own special features, which delivers a little something for every type of gambler. Throw in a unique level system that ups the ante the longer you play, and this is a game that’s well worth exploring.

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High Flying Action

As we noted above, the Pixiu video slot features a Chinese theme: Pixiu is a legendary mythological creature, one said to be able to draw wealth to itself from all directions, something that has made it quite popular among those with bad fortune – as well as just about anyone who enters a casino. This flying lion-like animal is a centerpiece of this machine, which features a mix of Chinese iconography and a wide open sky background over a beautiful temple setting.

This game is compatible with most operating systems, and is completely mobile-optimized, allowing you to play on the go if you so choose. We also like that there is a huge range of betting options here, as you can not only change your coin size, but choose how many lines and how many coins you wish to play on every spin. That means that if you want to play for real money, you can choose between low limit and high limit options based on what suits your budget.

Legendary Creatures Take Flight

The Pixiu video slot is a three-reel game that can be played with up to five paylines, though players may choose to play as few as one if they wish to do so. As usual, the object is to match identical symbols across your active lines, with almost all of the icons requiring you to hit a full three in a row in order to win prizes.

The basic, low-paying symbols on this machine are made up of three card game ranks: queens, kings, and aces. More thematic characters offer larger rewards, with green rings, phoenixes, birds, and a blue dragon offering progressively larger payouts. Finally, a red dragon acts as the high-paying symbol, offering 2,000 coins for three in a row and providing small consolation payouts for hitting just one or two.

Reach a Whole New Level

The special features in this title are mostly activated by hitting three scattered bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. When this occurs, you’ll actually get a choice between three different options. There’s an instant coins payout that is perfect for those who hate variance and just want to know what they’ll win. Alternately, there’s a free spins game, as well as a bonus round that has players picking coins to reveal their winnings.

However, these games don’t always deliver the same rewards. When you first start playing, you’ll need to work up through four levels of play in order to get the maximum from these features. You’ll start at level one, then move up a level after every 25 spins you play, encouraging you to keep your sessions going in order to reach the highest level of play. This can make a big impact: while the free spins game only gives you 10 players at level one, that rises up to a total of 25 games at level four.

Jackpots Can Come at any Time

One of the other interesting features in this game is the ability for three different progressive jackpots to be triggered at the end of every spin. These are actually linked to several games in the Arrow’s Edge collection, with each one offering up a slightly different prize to shoot for. The largest of these is the Super Slots Jackpot, followed by the Mystery Jackpot, and finally the Cash Grab, which offers the smallest payouts – but still more than enough to make the day of any gambler.

The Winds of Fortune

If you’re unsure about whether or not three-reel slots are really right for you, there still might be some good reasons to play Pixiu. The format is rather interesting, with the base gameplay really being enhanced thanks to the levels system that encourages gamblers to stay with the machine for longer sessions. With a fun theme, strong thematic presentation, and a great combination of bonus features and jackpots, this is one of the top new three-reel online casino games to hit the market in 2017.