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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Ash Gaming has delivered an intriguing setup with the reels of Around the World, a real cash slot with a twist. When we waited for the game to load, we marvelled at its old fashioned graphics, but weren’t fully prepared for what we were greeted with – a virtual slot machine to play upon. Furthermore, we didn’t expect to be offered so much variance when playing a machine of this design.

Unexpected though everything is, there’s a lot of fun to be had when you make a punt, whether you play with all the winlines or just the one. There are two special features in all, as well as the conventional paytable, making this a heavy hitting slot machine despite its looks. But will it be as easy to play once you get started? Only one thing for it, we’re going to have to make a stake.

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Turning on the Taps

When you look at the paytable, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that there’s more bonus rounds than what there actually is, and the reason for this is because the gamble option is listed as one of them. We were fooled too, but then we got a win and went for the gamble, we finally saw the light. Not that it means the gamble option is bad. On the contrary, it’s amazing.

The double or nothing design is truly nothing short of amazing; no more dull card games for you when you play this. Take the gamble and you’ll find yourself inside the front carriage of a train, with the option to turn one of two taps, one of which will lead to success while the other to loss. When you select wrong (like we did), the train breaks down and plumes of black smoke are seen outside the windows.

We simply adore how different this level is, and how surprising it was. We’d taken one looked at the grid and expected very mundane basics, but we got something else entirely. We got innovation and exceptional gameplay, all inside an interface that fools you into thinking it’s less than what it is. Clever.

Filthy Rotten Tricks

You might be travelling the world with Ash Gaming, but that doesn’t mean that foul play won’t slam the brakes on your experience. Fix’s Dirty Deeds is a feature that’s going to spell out success or disaster for you. We’re just not sure which it’ll be…! At this point, if you’re the praying sort of person, you might want to try it out right about now.

To get everything going, you’ll need to get either four or five of the green train symbol, which sounds simple enough. However, once you get into the level, you’ll be confronted with a map of five destinations, one of which you need to select as your feature jackpot. The gist is this – get there, unscathed and you win, blow up along the way and it’s bye bye prize money. The only problem is, you won’t know which track has been tampered with until it’s too late.

Fixer Upper

Fix is back once again in the second feature of the game, the Three Doors Magic Room, which isn’t exactly easy going on the mouth – just try saying that when drunk. An utter nightmare! Easy to say it’s not, but what it can be is highly rewarding, with one of each door hiding a different reward behind it, though not all your efforts result in prizes. Should you get the EXIT symbol, then you’re off back to the main body of the base game.

How generous the paytable for this round is all depends on how many of Fix you find in the base game, with five being the one that everyone wants. With that kind of combo, you’re looking at up to x300 of your bet, which is quite the win for most players, regardless of their initial stake.

Nice Surprise

As you have no doubt gleaned from our intro, we expected very little from this slot machine, especially once we saw its design, and yet it’s been one of the best games we’ve played. The level of variance here is second to none, and a lot of modern slots could learn a lesson or two from the 5 reels of this Ash Gaming title. If you don’t mind an outdated aesthetic, which has seen better days, then you’ll be rewarded in diversity and cash.