Betdigital Online Slots

When it comes to offering games at an online casino, there are two different aspects that need to be considered. Of course, operators need the games themselves for their players to enjoy, but there also needs to be a platform on which to host them. While some companies specialize in one of these areas, others offer up both content and the systems required to bring them to market.

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Betdigital is one of those groups that dabbles in both of these areas. Founded in 2011, this Oxford-based firm not only offers up services to the gaming industry in the United Kingdom, but has also become an important player in the international gambling market. Having developed some of the first cross-platform engines in the industry, the company prides itself on being able to get games to market quickly and allow them to be launched for a variety of operating systems all at once.

Today, Betdigital creates content and acts as a development partner for a great number of clients, from land-based operators to online casinos and even interactive television platforms. They’ve even created some of their own games, which players can enjoy at a number of casino sites.

Betdigital Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Fun Slots with Straightforward Gameplay

While Betdigital hasn’t been the most prolific creator of online slot machines, they have about a dozen titles out today that we’re aware of. In some cases, these can be the same games they’ve released to their brick-and-mortar clients, allowing fans to enjoy some of the same content on their computer or smartphone that they’ve enjoyed at casinos or betting shops.

Overall, these games are not the most visually impressive, nor are they particularly innovative. But there are some interesting features and thematic ideas that might draw you in, especially if you’re interested in some more traditional ideas rather than the sometimes over-the-top action seen in most modern games.

For instance, there’s Super Pots Bar-X. This is a game that utilizes a common traditional setup that has been seen on many amusement machines in the UK. There are only a very limited number of symbols on the reels, including bars, Xs, and Os, keeping things about as simple as possible for players. That approach is supported by simplified graphics that make this game look like a game from an earlier era, when there wasn’t nearly as much emphasis put on animations and flashy art.

The game is played over five reels and 20 paylines. Players are hoping to match either bars or X symbols across the reels, with three in a row being necessary to win. However, you don’t need to hit them starting on the leftmost reel; any three or more consecutive on the same line will do. You can’t win anything with the O symbol – this is essentially another way of representing a blank position.

However, Betdigital has taken some measures to make sure there’s more than just the basics at play here. For instance, there’s a mini-slot symbol that can show up, giving you a chance to play another three-reel machine where matching sevens can earn you prizes, and three pot symbols can get you a progressive jackpot. There is also a special bonus that is activated anytime you hit four or more coins on screen at once. When that occurs, you’ll get to click one coin of your choice, which will reveal a prize equal to as much as 500 times your total stake on that spin.

A more fantastic theme is at play in Valhalla, a game based on the legends of Norse mythology. Again, this is not the most visually-impressive game, as there’s only a sunset backdrop against the reels, with a lot of golden colors being used both behind the screen and in the icons themselves. None of this is spectacular, but the overall presentation is quite pleasing.

The game itself is a five-reel, 10-line machine in which you’ll want to match like symbols across your paylines. Once again, the payouts are easier to get than in many titles: you can match either left-to-right or right-to-left on any adjacent reels, opening up countless ways to win. Small prizes come from hitting poker ranks ranging from tens up through aces; more thematic symbols like helmets, shields, horns and ships award bigger payouts. A Viking woman serves as the wild, substituting for any other symbols.

The coolest feature in this game is the Valhalla Spins concept. This allows you to bet more on each spin in order to get additional benefits, potentially up to 10x your normal bet size. On the lowest added cost level, you’ll see wilds expand to cover the entire column when they appear on the middle reel; higher levels offer respins after winning rounds as well, with the highest Valhalla level offering up a multiplier on your winnings as well.

Finally, we’d like to profile a game we love for its name if nothing else: Free Spin City. Set against a massive city (one that we imagine loves to give out bonuses to slots lovers), this is a five-reel, 20-payline machine in which players match a lot of common gaming icons: not just the card game ranks, but also dice, dollar signs, coins, and so on.

This is a game that’s all about the bonus features, however, and as the name suggests, you’ll be enjoying a lot of free plays after you’ve been playing for any length of time. Hit three or more scatters on a single spin and you can win up to 30 standard free plays. Much like in Valhalla, you can increase your odds of triggering this feature by betting more per spin; a meter on the screen allows you to know just how high you’re playing, and the corresponding bonuses you’ll get. At the highest level, you’ll even get more wilds on the reels and a 2x multiplier on all your wins.

These are just a few of the slots that have been produced by Betdigital. As we said, they don’t have the most prolific library, but their collection has blossomed to a dozen titles or more, which means that fans of their play style shouldn’t get bored too easily. Here’s a quick look at a few other titles from this developer that we’ve enjoyed:

  • Shamrock Surprise
  • Royal Gems
  • City of Gold
  • Magic Multiplier Bar-X
  • Pots O’ Luck
  • Super Candy Cash

Systems Add to Appeal

Betdigital has created some popular games in the last few years, but their real appeal to operators and partners has been in the systems they have developed for the iGaming industry. There are a couple of different products here, each of which offers up different benefits for clients.

First, there’s the Game Rapid Integration and Development system, better known as GRID. The goal here is to allow developers to quickly produce high-quality games utilizing XML files to configure countless variables, from how the game looks and sounds to gameplay elements. According to the company, this usually results in a development cycle that takes just 1-2 months to complete, from producing the scripts to deploying the game to the target platform.

Speaking of platforms, Betdigital may be even more proud of their work on SystemX, a proprietary multi-platform interface. This backend software allows for fast, seamless integration on a number of different platforms at once. This allows their developers – and other providers – to quickly and easily get their HTML5 games distributed on as many networks as possible from one easy interface.

Such efforts have gotten this company’s software and games included at some of the largest gambling sites in Europe. They’ve also started to gain some attention from industry insiders, who have praised their work. For instance, Betdigital received a nomination for the Best Multichannel Supplier award at the 2015 eGaming Review B2B Awards, the first time the firm had received such a nomination.

Powerful Mix of Technology and Content

While they aren’t one of the top players in the world iGaming industry just yet, Betdigital has certainly made their mark, and we expect them to continue to grow in the years to come. Their backend systems have proven quite popular and versatile, making them appealing to many major operators. Their games may not be the most groundbreaking titles around, but they are solid and have certainly found an audience, particularly in the UK, as some of their slots draw upon local traditions there.

It’s an added bonus that this company is also quite successful in the land-based and smart TV sectors, two areas that should only help this firm continue to grow: having such a diverse client base means that even if the industry changes in unpredictable ways, they should be able to weather such shifts. If you’re a fan of more traditional gameplay – with a few modern twists to keep things interesting – we definitely recommend finding the Betdigital collection.