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Every year, a number of new online casino software providers pop up, eager to add their expertise and games to the marketplace. Some of these companies are destined for success, while others will inevitably fail, but each of these new brands has the potential to offer something new and exciting for players who are growing tired of playing the same old games again and again.

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One of the latest additions to the world of online gambling is Betizon. Founded in late 2016, this studio came right out of the gate with a promise to offer operators a quick, inexpensive and efficient way to set up a new casino site. While they’ve yet to find their way into a large number of websites, there’s certainly promise here, especially if the company can partner with groups looking to enter the industry on a budget.

Betixon Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Platform First, Games Second

One of the hallmarks of a new developer in the iGaming world is that they won’t typically have a very deep library of games. In this case, Betixon only advertises a small handful of their own original titles on their website, suggesting that they haven’t done much to produce their own slots just yet.

This may be by design, however. The company’s focus seems to instead be on their software platform, which they say also includes games by a number of 3rd party providers. By providing titles from a number of other developers, that limits how much this team has to do in terms of making their own games in order to have a viable product that they can sell to operators.

That said, this studio has created at least a few games. At the time of this writing, the company includes the names of four different slot machines on their website, with at least one more title in development. While this is a small number of games to look at, they do cover some rather inventive themes and have interesting and unique presentations, making them a valuable addition to casinos that choose to carry these options.

Given the small library that was available to us, we’ll give you a brief overview of all four titles we were able to try. First, we took a look at the company’s most recent release, Tales of Alvara. This machine features a fairy theme, with a presentation to match: the game takes place against the backdrop of a mysterious, fantasy-themed forest, with mysterious and mystical music playing throughout gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, this is a five-reel, 40-payline slot that is pretty straightforward in what it offers. Players are tasked with making matches from left-to-right across the reels, starting with the basic nines through aces and advancing to the rarer and more valuable fairies, which come in four varieties: green, red, blue and purple.

There are also scatters on the reels, which can earn you a trip into a free spins game where you’ll have 10 free plays where all wins enjoy a 3x multiplier. There’s also the random wild feature that adds a little spice to every spin. After the reels come to a stop, butterflies may float across the screen, turning any symbol they land on into a substitute – meaning that even the most lackluster spin could ultimately turn into a big winner.

Next up is Gemonex, which has an interesting theme that mixes outer space with crystals, giving the game an almost new-age vibe. While not as graphically impressive as Tales of Alvara, it still does a fine job of setting the mood, thanks to a haunting soundtrack and the contrast of the star-filled background against the boldly-colored symbols.

The game itself is once again a fairly standard slots package. Along with matching card ranks and crystals across the reels, you’ll also have the chance of winning entry into that same free spins game (10 plays, a 3x multiplier) that we described above. There are a couple of differences, however: this machine uses a 25-line layout, and there’s a standard wild symbol that appears on the reels. That wild can actually grow in order to cover entire reels, making it an especially valuable symbol to see on screen.

The Sakura Legend is yet another very familiar game set against a very different backdrop. In this case, the machine wants to take you back to Japan during the time of the samurai, featuring thematic music and a set of symbols that are both cartoonish and authentically Japanese in look and feel. The combination leads to a presentation that brings to mind shows like Samurai Jack, not to mention a host of anime series.

But when it comes to gameplay, there are few – if any – surprises. Once again, this is a 25-line machine with the potential for a free spins game that offers (you guessed it) a 3x multiplier on everything you win. There’s also a standard wild symbol that can also earn the largest prizes in the game.

Finally, there’s Christmas Tales, which is once again very similar to the rest of the collection: 25 lines over five reels, a standard wild, and a mistletoe scatter that offers up those same 10 free spins with triple the normal prizes that you get in all of the Betixon games. The nice thing here is the strong Christmas theming, with candy cane symbols, happy little elves, a snow storm raging in the background, and the instrumentals of We Wish You a Merry Christmas being played on loop (until you decide to turn it off).

Overall, these games are solid enough slots, though you’ll notice that they are clearly very repetitive. This can be somewhat forgiven, considering that the company has only been around for a matter of months and have only released four machines at this point. Still, it might be a bit disappointing for players who like some more variety in their gameplay.

A Fast, Cheap Solution for Operators

As we mentioned earlier, the real product being offered by Bexiton is their gaming platform, which provides clients with a complete solution that instantly allows them to set up an online gaming site. Like most backend software packages, this platform includes support for banking, affiliate programs, player management, and integrating a variety of games, among other functions. It also features full support for mobile devices, with all of their natively developed titles being based on HTML5.

But what truly sets this software apart is just how quickly it can be launched by new operators. Betixon promises that their solution allows a new casino to be opened in a matter of days rather than weeks or months. In addition, they promise the lowest costs in the industry, with total packages available for as little as €4,000. According to the company, this could be a way for brands looking to compete in regulated markets to cut costs, allowing companies to turn a profit even after they account for licensing and other fees in these highly regulated jurisdictions.

The studio is also working hard to get the word out about their products. While you won’t find them in very many sites just yet, they were quick to get themselves onto the trade show circuit, making an appearance at the 2017 Vienna International Gaming Expo.

Not Much Yet, But Worth Keeping Tabs On

There’s only so much that we can say about Bexiton at this early point in their existence. The company doesn’t work with many partners yet, so players haven’t had much exposure to them – and it’s hard to say where that will come when they do start growing their list of clients. Their platform offering certainly looks like it could be intriguing to operators, especially those who don’t have a lot of time or money to waste.

When it comes to players, there’s not that much to see here just yet. The game selection is minimal, and while each individual slot machine is just fine, none of them are spectacular. Furthermore, a collection this small is seriously hurt when there is so much in common between the few options that they all feel like the same game at their core.

The bottom line is that this is a software platform that could easily become fairly popular in the years to come, particularly in regulated markets. For the time being, we don’t think players have to go out of their way to find these games – but we’d definitely keep them in the back of your mind, as this could be a company that makes waves in the future.

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