Betsense Online Slots

No matter where in the world you look, you’ll find companies that are devoted to providing games and other software for the online gambling industry. There are plenty of nations where these companies virtually become household names, especially if they are successful and end up providing games to international audiences as well. But in other cases, these firms exist as niche developers for their home markets.

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Betsense is a company that – at least for now – definitely fits into that latter category. Based out of Tbilisi, Georgia, this is a studio that has hopes of someday becoming an internationally-renowned supplier of iGaming products. But for now, they’re looking to develop games and custom solutions for ambitious operators in their home country, and have done so by developing more than 20 games, with a particular emphasis on slot machines.

Betsense Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

The Fruit of Their Labor

The Betsense collection is a slick group of games with clean interfaces and sharp graphics. One downside is that this library of titles was created in Flash, which might limit how accessible these machines are on many mobile devices. However, the actual visuals and functionality of these offerings is top notch. We had no problem finding all the information we needed on each machine, with all menus being easy to navigate and the user interfaces being very intuitive.

Like most companies, the main focus here is on slot machines, which make up the majority of their portfolio. One particular area of emphasis is on fruit machines – at least, in the sense that the common fruit theme is used in at least five different machines that we’ve seen. This provides a very familiar look to the games, making them easy to get into even for those with only a passing relationship with casino gaming.

One great example is a machine called Frozen Fruits. This five-reel, five payline machine has players looking to match cherries, oranges, lemons, pears and more across the reels, up to the highest paying symbol, which is naturally a seven. Hit three or more in a row, and you’ll win. It’s simple, but there are a couple wrinkles: if you fill the first three, four, or five reels all with the same icon, your earnings will get a 3x, 4x, or 5x multiplier respectively. There are also four random progressive jackpots available for players to win, as well as an optional gamble feature at the end of each winning spin.

It’s All Greek to Me

Some of the games in the Betsense library are a bit more thematic and offer more of a modern slots feel. For instance, there’s This Is Sparta, a game clearly named after one of the more infamous lines in the movie 300. The game features a battle scene in the background, but other than that, the theming is relatively light: you’ll see relatively plain reels and a wide variety of icons, with no huge battle bonus games or anything like that.

Instead, the focus is on five reels and 40 paylines of traditional slots action, with an expanded 4×5 layout being used to hold all these possibilities. Players will look to match bracelets, swords, apples, birds, lions, and men and women in order to collect prizes. The most exciting feature is the wild symbol, which expands to every adjoining position (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally) to cover as many as nine positions at once, virtually guaranteeing some explosive payouts each time it shows up.

Better Than a Trip to the Zoo

Another typical Betsense game is Africa, a game that – as you might expect – is all about the wildlife on the titular continent. Again, the theming is somewhat light: you’ll see a savannah behind the reels, and some vines around the play area, but the reel background is again a solid dark color. We can say that this machine treats you to some highly-detailed drawings of some of the most famous and beautiful examples of African animals, which is a nice touch.

The action is again fairly simple, with five reels and 10 lines for you to make matches on. Unlike many of this company’s games, there are some generic symbols: smaller wins come from matching jacks through aces, while larger wins come from the various animals you can find: flamingos, apes, lions, and elephants, among others.

For the biggest payouts, players will want to find wild diamonds, which either double the value of any wins they take part in, or create their own massive prizes if you match a few of them in a row. There’s also a sunset scatter symbol that can both earn you some impressive prizes and get you into a free spins game, where you’ll enjoy 15 free plays, all of which come with a 3x multiplier on all wins.

Variety is the Spice of Life

The machines we talked about are just a few of the many slots offered by Betsense. There were some other interesting themes covered in their collection, including a couple we’re not sure we’d see from other companies: for instance, there’s a game called Dictator that stars some of history’s greatest villains! A few other less controversial – but still interesting – titles we saw include:

  • Mammoth
  • 5 Diamonds
  • Euroball 2016
  • Fashion Slot
  • Star Fruit
  • Dragon Fruit

Along with their slots collection, this studio has produced some other games, though we’re not completely certain about the extent of the collection, which includes both table games and skill-based offerings. We know of at least two other titles, including Russian Poker and Japanese Joker, which is listed as a skill game at The company also says they can provide social games for their clients, which are made to the same standards as their casino products.

Georgia on My Mind

As we mentioned up top, while they may have long-term ambitions to go international, Betsense is currently a player only in the Georgian marketplace. However, that’s nothing to sneeze at: Georgia has become a surprisingly attractive market for developers and operators, with plenty of interest even from suppliers outside the country. Betsense has been at the center of this movement, becoming a regular attendee of the Georgia Gaming Congress, a national trade show that attracts hundreds of industry officials each year.

Growing Fish in a Little Pond

Betsense may not be a major player in the iGaming world, but they’re definitely on the right track for success. They’ve already become a part of the best sites in Georgia, and if their titles continue to gain in popularity there, we expect that you might start to see their games in other nations throughout the region. You’re unlikely to see this collection any time soon if you’re not in Georgia yourself, but if you get the chance to play it, you’ll find plenty of solid slots to enjoy from this growing developer.