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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Hands up if you’ve heard of Betsense? Anyone? Well, we can’t say that we’re not surprised. Based out of Tblisi, Geogria, this is hardly an online casino developer that rubs shoulder to shoulder with the biggest and brightest in the industry. Relatively young and still finding its footing in a sense, it’s a brand that may just be learning its craft. Looking at its latest releases, it’s clear that they are making progress. However, Betsense’s latest title may just divide opinion, as it carries a rather controversial subject matter. Aptly titled Dictator, this game places some of the evilest political figures from history front and centre.

We aren’t exactly sure what Betsense’s goal with this title is, but we are sure that it’s going to stir up some serious controversy. Being as objective as we can, we’ve decided to put this real money online slots game through its paces, but does it deliver beyond its highly questionable exterior? If you really want to find out, the following review will certainly be of interest!

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All Kinds of Evil

Hesitant aptly describes how we feel about the theme of this game, because we know that some people are going to take a certain amount of offence to it. Featuring dark and serious looking tones, the game puts a spotlight over some of the most evil dictators in history. The list of familiar faces within the game include Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Fidel Castro, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and Kim Jong-un, from this you can see the direction that this game is heading in. Making matters even more potent, other symbols take the form guns, medals, ballistic missiles, and machine guns.

From a production values standpoint, Betsense has produced a game that looks fine, but we just can’t look beyond the theme. Somewhat in poor taste at times, we are almost sure that it’s going to divide audiences over the short-term and long-term.

Knee Trembling Payouts

From the hyper aggressive theme to something a little bit more subdued, the gameplay within Dictator video slot is actually pretty standardised. Across 5 reels players have 20 non-fixed paylines to make use of, so there isn’t too much difference between this game and many other Betsense releases on that front. The betting levels are also obvious – and in true Betsense fashion rather expensive – starting at 200, before hitting the absolutely massive heights of 20,000.

However, because of these betting levels, the top prize is a truly knee trembling 10,000,000. That’s right, this is a game that has a top payout that hits eight figures. Meshing together the obvious and the outrageous, there is something to be said for the gameplay of this particular game.

Ready, Aim, Fire

When it comes to bonus features, what’s at hand in free Dictator slot at minimum helps the game tick over. Find 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols and you’ll be granted up to 15 free spins, with these free spins only helping what is an otherwise expensive real cash slots game appear that much more affordable.

This game also features two distinct bonus rounds, which give you the opportunity to win up 1,000x your total wager. Finally, for classic slot game fans, you have a wild symbol and gamble round to make use of. Bonus wise, we tend to not expect too much from Betsense games, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see that they’ve thrown a little extra spice into this title.

From Firearms to Fashion

We can state this right off the bat, you won’t find any other game in the current online slots market that delivers a theme along the same lines as Dictator. Highly controversial, we aren’t actually shocked to see that most developers have steered clear of this subject matter. Gameplay wise, it does prove to be a different story though, as there are a couple of games out there worth mentioning. Coming from within the Betsense back catalogue, Fashion Slot and Khinkali are both worth spending a few coins on.

Dictator is Certainly Distasteful!

Dictator is a game that you aren’t likely to forget in a hurry, but that isn’t all for positive reasons. The theme of this game is going to cause problems without question, as promoting a game that features some of history’s most evil individuals isn’t something that many casino platforms will be willing to do.

We honestly can’t see many online casinos carrying it, so expect this game to be pretty hard to find. If you can look past the theme, you’ll find some standard gameplay and a huge top prize, but we fully suspect that many will find the subject matter of Dictator too much to stomach.