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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Ever imagine living on huge stacks of cash? Ever imagine gaining so much money you could practically build buildings out of coins? Stacks of Cash software by Big Time Gaming takes us on the adventure of our lifetime by living out our fantasies. And why should this money-making dream be just a fantasy? By playing the Stacks of Cash slot, you could gain some serious real cash payouts at real money casinos online.

We can see from the beginning that the animations and graphics for the online slot were of very good quality and we were immediately impressed. The animations of the wins were also impressive. We will go into more detail in this review and discover what else this free Stacks of Cash slot has to offer.

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Bring Your Dreams to Reality

Float in the clouds with your dreams and make your dreams a reality. The graphic design of this online slot was quite unique and we are quite sure we have never seen anything like it before. We weren’t too fond of the background music but we did find the sound effects to be a good match for the gameplay. Unfortunately, we found that we could not mute the background music, even when clicking on the mute button. This lost a lot of points in our book.

How Do You Play?

As soon as we start the game, the rules seem to be very simple. The player chooses the number of lines and the bet per line and clicks on the SPIN button. The min bet is 0.20 and the max bet is 200.00, which is very flexible for the player. If the player does not want to wait around and click on the SPIN button each time, they can opt for the AUTOPLAY feature and choose for how many rounds they would like to play.

This online slot has many money-related symbols which were crafted well and on a win the animations were really good. The wild card, which takes place of any other symbol was carefully designed and animated. We looked forward to seeing these wild symbols on spins.

A Little Buggy

A little buggy is an understatement. We were frustrated to learn that we could not view the pay table or mute the background music of the game. We gave the online slot the benefit of the doubt and tried this game on three different browsers; Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The question mark in the top left-hand corner did not work either.

We played the free Stacks of Cash slot on Mozilla Firefox, which was the worst of the three in our experience. The bottom panel completely disappeared and we did not have an option to SPIN again. It was just a horrible mess. We are so disappointed because given the great graphic design and animations, we truly expected better.

Considering that the gameplay was not very complicated, we did expect better and found it strange that any serious company would ever release a free casino game without thoroughly testing. This does not give the player the reliable, secure and safe feeling they would like to have when playing with real money. To be honest this was such a turn off, we don’t think we will be playing this one again.

Um…We Don’t Get It?

We weren’t too fond of the bonus game because we did feel that it wasn’t intuitive to understand – but it could just be us! The player is presented with many levels of clouds with bags of cash and is shown a flashing elevator-style box alternating between flashing the numbers 1-4. The player is then asked to press STOP. It was unclear when the player would actually reap a reward.

The bonus game felt never-ending and we did not understand what we had to do to win or lose. After a while we just wanted to exit the game and did not care if we won or not. The whole experience was frustrating. We pressed the stop button several times but it just played an animation of a man moving to a different stack of money.

Other Wealth Related Games

Wheel of Wealth slot by Microgaming is a 3-reel slot with 1 payline. The player was offered three bet options; 1.00, 2.00 and 3.00. To compare to Stacks of Cash, Stacks of Cash has a min bet of 0.20 and a max bet of 200.00. The graphics in Stacks of Cash were better than Wheel of Wealth. We felt that Stacks of Cash graphics were more creative and interesting. In reality, none of this really matters since the gameplay in Stacks of Cash is very buggy. We would prefer Wheel of Wealth over Stacks of Cash due to the number of bugs found in Stacks of Cash.

Will We Play Again?

We will definitely never play Stacks of Cash software by Big Time Gaming again even though we can play for free. We loved the idea, graphics and the animations but the game was extremely buggy and the bonus game was not well-explained or understood. We find a game with this number of bugs to ruin the entire experience. We also expected the bonus game to be more intuitive to play. Such a shame because this game really had potential.