15 Unusual Wine and Food Pairings

According to Jacob’s Creek Chief Winemaker, Ben Bryant, wine and food are social lubricants which provide people with an array of exciting flavours and textures. When it comes to wine and food combinations, the dull aphorism, “red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat”, comes to mind but doesn’t apply here as it makes for a bland dining experience. Thus, it’s time to spice up your palate with 15 of the most unusual wine pairings gathered together in this insightful infographic. These exceptional combinations are guaranteed to make your mouth orgasm!

What do you do when your best friend wants a bottle of red and you prefer a fine white? You order a bottle of rosé, which according to the infographic bring outs the best flavours in sushi and Indian curry. A glass of Sparkling Rosé brings an element of fruitiness that reflects the aromas of the aromatic rice. In actual fact, a curry is one of those dishes that goes with all types of wine, therefore you’ll find that the light, slightly fruity, and gently sweet Vinho Verde (the rosé, red and white types) will satisfy thirst and temper heat perfectly with the spicy dish.

Feeling peckish? Don’t fret, for our infographic knows best! For an unforgettable flavour, a bowl of French fries should be accompanied by a glass of Merlot, which is the second most popular grape in America. Its fruitiness and slight sweetness works wonders with fried potatoes. If you’re having a Mexican inspired bowl of chips with some guacamole on the side, the red very old cultivar, Beaujolais Gamay proves to be a perfect fiesta friend.

Red meat red wine is not always right. A pan-seared venison, with blueberries and shallots on a white Mosel Riesling, makes for an odd, yet surprisingly yummy pairing. Riesel is one of the most aromatic grapes in the world. The primary fruit aromas are nectarine, apricot, honey-crisp apple and pear. Besides just fruit, you can often smell things like honeycomb or a chemical scent similar to gas – it’s such weird smells that wine enthusiasts go crazy over. The two work so well together that there are also a few recipes for Riesling gravy for this meat. When it comes to cured meat like chorizo, an Australian sparkling Shiraz brings unexpected ripe fruit aromas, at the same time, its sweetness and bubbles relax the palate of a spicy heat wave. With the luxurious foie gras, both white and red wines pair nicely. The tannins of a rich spicy red belonging to a Chateauneuf-du-Pape or California Central Coats Rhone blend, cut through the fat of the foie leaving a deliciously silky texture in your mouth.

To achieve the ultimate explosion of flavours in your mouth, you should always save room for dessert accompanied by the right wine. When it comes to the most awaited part of the meal, pairing a red velvet cupcake and an Australian Shiraz makes for an all-red, smooth and delicious combination – one that has become very trendy actually. If you don’t fancy cake, then perhaps a green apple sorbet might be the ideal end to your culinary experience, which you should pair with a Spanish Fino Sherry. This white wine is pungent and acidic enough to compete with the green apple’s zing, whilst balancing out the sweetness of the sorbet. Another odd combination is mixing Moscato d’Asti with a doughnut. The sweetness, fruitiness and lively bubbles of the sparkling wine can double the joy of your doughnut palate.

For more mouth-watering pairings which will leave your taste buds in a frenzy, be sure to feast your eyes upon our infographic. Once on the topic, you can play Microgaming’s Big Chef slot for some delicious starters, entrées and desserts. The slot features a unique Rising Wilds feature wherein during the free spins round, when a Wild symbol lands on your reels, it will rise to the row above on each spin creating a glorious upward trail of Wilds. Food, glorious food indeed!

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