All About Aristocrat’s Quick Fire Slots Series

We recently covered all of the latest releases in Aristocrat’s Quick Fire slots series in detail here at Mr Gamez, and we figured why not give them the spotlight that they deserve with a full feature here on the blog? If you’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy the series before, then we’ve got all of the details on each of the games, not to mention some truly top class online alternatives as well, all in our Aristocrat section. However, the range is brand new and the chances are that you may not even have heard of it before, so take this as something of an introduction to what this excellent family of slots has to offer!

Each of the games in the series is a true stunner, with Aristocrat putting more emphasis than ever before on ensuring that the graphics, sounds and animations are all truly outstanding. Even the cabinet is a real eye-catcher as it makes use of two different screens – one of course displays the game itself, while the other constantly updates with the values of the jackpot prizes that stand to be won at absolutely any moment.

Quick Fire Jackpots

Cracking visuals are all well and good, but it is fair to say that the reason why the Quick Fire series has become such an instant hit is the ability to win huge prizes. Whenever you play any of the Quick Fire games, you have a genuine shot at one of four great prizes, which are seeded as follows:

Winning one of the jackpot prizes obviously takes a lot of luck, but you are at least able to track your progress as all of the prizes are won using symbols on the reels rather than a randomly triggered event. You’ll need five of a kind in order to hit it big, with the fifth and final symbol being the one that decides exactly which prize you win. However, even if you only manage the mini jackpot, that certainly doesn’t mean that your luck has run out for certain, as you have every chance of winning not just one but potentially all four jackpot prizes on a single spin!

Quick Fire Games

The games in the Quick Fire series differ greatly in terms of their themes – that’s exactly why we felt that they each warranted a feature of their own here on the site. You can check out the individual coverage of the games by clicking through as follows:

Each of the games makes use of the conventional four by five reel layout that you’ll be used to by now, and even if you miss out on the jackpots, the prizes are still sure to come thick and fast as there are a full fifty win lines of action to play across. A wide range of flexible coin bets are available too, and so the games will suit every kind of player whether they have their eyes on the jackpot or not. The good news for smaller stakes players is that the size of the bet only affects the outcome of regular prizes – you still have an equal shot at scooping one of the great jackpot amounts!

Other features to look out for include stacked and sticky wilds, which once again contribute to this being a cracking game in its own right, regardless of the extra prizes, although they are by far the best bit of the game overall. You can find out more about each of the Quick Fire slots on their respective pages, together with some great online alternatives. If you’re hungry for some top class Aristocrat action then our dedicated section here on the site has everything that you need in order to get up and running immediately!