Avoiding Strategically Poor Mistakes in All Forms of Video Poker

Aces and Faces Video PokerAs you will no doubt be aware, we are very big fans of video poker here at Mr Gamez, even going so far as to have an entire category dedicated to one of casino gaming’s most popular pastimes. Whether you prefer Aces and Faces or Deuces Wild, or anything in between, you can find every variation available for free play here on the site. However, whether you are playing for free or for real, it is important to keep your strategy tight. The game offers casino gamblers one of the best rates of return on their investment, but this does of course depend on sticking to the correct play style and, more importantly, ensuring that any errors are swiftly eliminated from gameplay. Here we highlight some of the most common errors made by beginners and experienced players alike, together with means of avoiding them.

Coin Bets

The concept of coin bets is one that started off on the traditional Jacks or Better version of video poker and continued on to all other iterations. Basically, the more coins staked on the game, the more can be won, as expected. However, players will quickly notice that the fifth pay line offers significantly more in terms of value for the hand, and basically the error is that some players choose to bet less than five coins. It does not have to be an expensive bet necessarily, as coin values are fully adjustable. By playing all five coins on each hand you exponentially increase the prize opportunities while also significantly reducing the house edge – and any reduction of that is always welcome.

Staying Loyal

Casino players sometimes have to manually apply to the loyalty club of their chosen online casino. While this has become less common, some operators still maintain an opt in policy, although there is little need to worry as no player is likely to be turned down. Joining the scheme is all about reducing the house edge even further. Many casinos offer points that can be converted into cash, with the going rate often somewhere between 0.25% and 1% of all stakes made on video poker. With the house edge already being so small on video poker, this extra per cent can make all of the difference between winning and losing and players should ensure that they are being justly rewarded for their play.

Game and Bankroll Strategy

We have already mentioned the concept of strategy when playing video poker and this is perhaps the most important part. The great thing about the game is that it never changes. There are no particular lucky streaks or bonus games, and so what works for one player over an extended period will likely work for another. Just like blackjack, video poker is designed in the consideration that the player is using basic strategy, and anything less will increase the house edge. By managing your cards and your cash correctly, video poker can provide consistent wins with few wild swings in your cash.

You can try all of the finest types of video poker from the likes of Microgaming and Net Entertainment here at Mr Gamez, the perfect place for perfecting that strategy and seeing for yourself just how using five coins enhances the action in your favour.