Play Visually Stunning Games with Massive Jackpots at Betsoft Casinos

Betsoft is an online casino game developer that often flies under the radar for many players, who are more familiar with the likes of Microgaming and Playtech. However, they are characterised by offering some of the most innovative features in the industry and the kind of slots graphics that even the team at Net Entertainment would be proud of. Every developer also has a duty to offer its partner casinos some great progressive jackpot action and Betsoft definitely isn’t one to let casino operators or players down, with some impressive prizes to go alongside the features and graphics.

You’ll find that on many of the recommended games below that you may not even notice that there is a progressive jackpot in the first place, such is the incidental nature of the addition. The Betsoft progressives are by no means the largest around but they instead serve as a great extra feature on top of already excellent games. All of the games are top notch in their own right, making them ideal not only for jackpot fans but also casino players in general. Whether you’re looking to play at a Betsoft casino like Mr Green, Jetbull or Betfair for the first time or genuinely want in on the jackpot action, the following games serve as the perfect introduction.

Slots Angels

Slots Angels videoslotEven if you’ve played the biggest and best that the online casino world has to offer, Slots Angels is a certified eye catcher. The graphics alone are heading straight into video game territory rather than the conventional slots style and push the boundaries in a way that few other online developers have ever come close to. Players will get the distinct impression that Slots Angels, with its biker gang theme, was not created as a vehicle for progressive jackpots, as it also packs in wilds, scatters, free spins and a dedicated bonus round. Even these are out of the ordinary, as each winning spin triggers a free re-spin with a boosted multiplier and with thirty win lines it measures up extremely well to even the most advanced slots. The jackpot itself comes into play when players opt for the maximum bet. Five bikers on an active win line pay out the big one, which is usually around the $10,000 mark meaning that while not life changing, it is definitely worth scooping.

Jackpot Jamba

Jackpot Jamba slotJackpot Jamba heads off in a completely different direction to Slots Angels, where an enticing theme and some of the best graphics in the casino industry are disposed of in favour of classic graphics and gameplay. Progressive slots do not come much simpler than this and while there are five reels, marking out Jackpot Jamba as a modern slot, the regular appearances of fruits and sevens, not to mention the use of only nine win lines make it ideal for pub style slots players. Five Party Seven symbols take players to the bonus round where they can boost their bankroll significantly during normal play, while the jackpot itself depends on having the maximum bet in play, just like on Slots Angels above. The balloon themed Jackpot symbol is the one to look out for, with five in a row always paying out a healthy 5,000 coins. If you have opted for the maximum bet then that very same combination on any of the nine win lines means that you’ve won the progressive prize. Again, it is not the largest prize in the world, but we can’t imagine many players turning down a five figure bankroll boost just for playing a slot game as normal! The fact that you can win a significant prize for the same combination, whether playing on maximum settings or for a more modest amount, makes Betsoft’s Jackpot Jamba an ideal choice for any type of player.

Mr Vegas

Mr Vegas slotWith one of the more simple slots out of the way, it is time to return in force to what we feel makes Betsoft so special as a developer – their stunning 3D graphics. Mr Vegas adopts a similar style to Slots Angels but this time the bikers are nowhere to be found. Instead, players get to join a wealthy individual that simply loves a bet or two on the reels. The features and options are once again cranked up to the maximum, with players able to select from up to thirty pay lines and take advantage of numerous free spins at regular intervals. They are calculated, suitably, by the numbers displayed on the dice symbols that activate the round, while players can also enjoy a mini slot feature round during normal gameplay. The line pay outs are fairly modest, but that is exactly what the progressive jackpot is there for. The main prize has an element of chance attached as players will first need to access the prize wheel round. There, they can enjoy free spins, extra cash or, in the luckiest cases, a win of the top jackpot amount. With even a roulette round packed in to the features, this is the kind of slot that is bound to appeal to any casino aficionado!

Chase the Cheese

Chase the Cheese slotWith the serious slot action out of the way, it’s time to get a little cheesier with Betsoft’s Chase the Cheese. This is a bizarre looking game at first glance, with the standard reel layout removed in favour of a four by four grid that features all of the fruits and other classic symbols that players will be highly familiar with. There are nine win lines and, in something of a change from the norm, a bonus round that depends on skill as much as luck. You win cash by literally chasing the cheese, taking on the role of the mouse and avoiding cats, birds and other nasty critters to collect as much as possible. A maximum bet of five coins enables the progressive prize, which again hovers around the $10,000 mark and serves as a welcome boost to any balance when it hits.

Overall, the Betsoft jackpots are not the largest in the world, and this is down to both the way in which the games are designed and the fact that there are fewer players on the network than the very biggest names. However, fewer players also means less competition so if you don’t mind the jackpots being a little less impressive but more winnable then the combination of graphics and gameplay on each of these slots means that you are definitely on to a winner.