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Bonus Slot Games

One of the most significant differences between older slots found in many land based establishments and the latest online games is that the newer video slot titles gave developers much more to work with in terms of bonus games. No longer are additional feature rounds restricted to simple free spins. Instead, players can find all manner of themed games and much more immersive extras. We have gone through the entire range of free online slots available here at Mr Gamez, including those by Aristocrat, IGT and Novomatic, to bring you our top four recommendations – slots with top class and hugely enjoyable bonus games.

Each of these titles has been selected for offering players something different. One of the main reasons to play free online slots is that free games allow players to experiment, not only with betting patterns and strategies but also with different gameplay mechanics in order to find the ones that truly are the most enjoyable without compromising on profitability. Here are our selections:

Wheel of Fortune - Hollywood Slot GameWheel of Fortune Hollywood Bonus Game

The bonus round on Wheel of Fortune Hollywood by IGT does not come around often, but when it does it is a lot of fun, particularly for players that are fans of the television show. Part of the appeal is certainly the sound effects; not only are significant wins rewarded with a cheer from the audience, but they also get in on the action when players manage to spin in the correct symbols to reach the Wheel itself. The pressure is most certainly on as the player enjoys a game that draws heavily from the television show. The first spin is nice and safe, as the wheel is covered only in cash amounts and the bonuses that have accumulated during normal play. However, wherever the Wheel lands turns into a Bankrupt segment, along with three others on the Wheel. This continues on each spin, meaning that players that want to take the risk are taking even more of a risk on each subsequent spin. Of course, even if the player does hit a bankrupt segment, they can always take one more spin with their consolation prize in an effort to double it on a special fifty – fifty Wheel of Fortune.

Star Trek Slot GameStar Trek Bonus Game

IGT make another appearance on our list of favourites, and players that have only played the game once or twice may be somewhat surprised at its nomination as having one of the best bonus games around. While many of the games are indeed simple free spin rounds, our free Star Trek slot stands out due to its diversity. Every character in the game, from Kirk to Spock, has their very own themed version of the bonus game, offering players a fun experience by mixing it up on a regular basis.

Much of the fun of any slots bonus game derives from the opportunity to win lots of cash, but the different means of doing so on our free Star Trek slot ensures that the action is always varied. Players may be awarded simple free spins with a multiplier, but have just as much chance of receiving win spins, meaning guaranteed prizes. The unpredictable nature of the bonus game is what keeps players coming back for more.

Monopoly - Here and Now Slot GameMonopoly Here and Now Bonus Game

Next on our list of the leading bonus games is Monopoly Here and Now, also by IGT. Few free online slots have the opportunity to draw on such a well-known licence when putting together a bonus round, but IGT always come up trumps when they are making use of such a licence. While this list is in no particular order, Monopoly Here and Now has to rank up there among our biggest favourites, simply because of the enjoyment gained from spinning in three bonus symbols. Absolutely everything is based around the board game in one way or another. For example, the bonus symbol is made up of dice, and the number of rolls is revealed by selecting one set, giving a maximum starting pot of twelve rolls. Players can then select a piece and begin travelling around the board, collecting rent values as they go.

The second screen bonus board is also dynamic. Players have the opportunity to improve squares during the course of the game my matching deeds, and this is reflected on the board itself. Players using five coins will see a hotel on their developed properties, with one house for each coin below that. Naturally, landing on them during the bonus game means huge prizes. Added twists such as the Free Parking bonus, built up on the regular reels, and additional rolls for passing Go make the Monopoly Here and Now bonus round a true pleasure, and on that we recommend all players to enjoy here at Mr Gamez.

Rainbow Riches Slot GameRainbow Riches Bonus Game

The only original title on our list also comes from IGT and is the excellent bonus game on Rainbow Riches – The Win Big Shindig. It fits right in with the theme itself, featuring the Leprechaun that makes his presence known at various points throughout the game. There are two different bonus games, with the first allowing the player to select a Leprechaun Hat to reveal a prize. One of the hats often provides access to the second round, which sees the Leprechaun doing a jig will the pots surrounding him rotate. The excitement comes from seeing whether the player scoops a bronze, silver or gold pot, with a prize on offer that is commensurate with the pot’s colour. While not the most immersive bonus rounds, they fit the theme perfectly and offer the ideal combination of large prizes and fun.

Each of the excellent bonus games noted above can all be found on their respective free online slot games right here at Mr Gamez where, as always, players do not need to sign up or download any software to get playing straight away.