Craziest Cocktails

Ever spent £8,000 on a cocktail served in a Swarovski Crystalline cocktail glass? Well, I sure as hell haven’t, and knowing my luck I’d probably break the glass which will cost me a third of my paycheque! No thanks, I’ll take a good old plastic cup instead. In the infographic, we’ve compiled a list of the craziest cocktails around, featuring the most absurd ingredients and the most ludicrous ways of drinking them. You might want to have a bucket or dustbin at the ready.

Remember, remember the 5th of November, the Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason why the Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot! It will indeed never be forgotten Down Under, thanks to this gin-based cocktail. The Gunpowder Plot found in Zeta Bar in Sydney is described as gin infused with ‘gunpowder flavours’, some Haken and Fernet Branca, and egg white – what?! To make it even more unforgettable, it is served in a smoking cloche amid a pile of oak-scented fog with a sizzling stick of ‘dynamite’. This cocktail will really go down with a bang!

Fancy some chicken stock in your drink? If you change your mind, you can get a La Galvaude Caesar from 132 Bar Vintage in Montreal, Canada. It uses chicken stock as its main ingredient, amongst other savoury flavours such as Poutine sauce, tomato juice, vodka and chick peas.

Do you know what the American version of James Bond ordered? Double Truffle Martini. Shaken, not stirred. This vodka drink can be found at Duo in New York City for 14$ and is made with liquid truffles, that is, truffle juice and truffle oil, alongside a shot of vodka and dry vermouth. Sounds fung-tastic!

This cocktail certainly has a great backstory that goes with it! Roberta is regarded as the most alcoholic drink in the world, containing 100% alcohol with no mixers. Rarely seen on menus, it was created by the daughter of a slave named Roberta (surprise!) who escaped prostitution to run a speakeasy. She would serve this cocktail to customers looking to drown their sorrows. It’s a lethal combination of gin, vodka, brandy, absinthe and blackberry liquor, which can be found in Alabama city in the US.

It seems like Canada is the hotspot for outrageous cocktails, for at the Sourtoe Cocktail Club at the Downtown Hotel in Yukon, you can get the bar’s signature drink, The Sourtoe. If you’ve ever wanted to ingest a human appendage, here’s the place to just that. The Sourtoe can consist of a minimum of one ounce of any cocktail, with the addition of a preserved amputated toe. The sourtoe legend dates back to the prohibition era when a frostbitten bootlegger had to cut off his big toe to prevent gangrene whilst being pursued by the police. He and his brother preserved the toe in a jar of alcohol to commemorate the moment. The price of the drink is just $10 but it goes up to $500 if you swallow the toe, and costs $2,500 if you swallow the original toe!

If you don’t like body parts with your bourbon, I recommend an Old Fashioned in the Rocks (yes, it’s ‘in’ the rocks not ‘on’ the rocks). This $21 beverage found at The Aviary in Chicago is served in the most distinct way. It’s a mix of bourbon, orange bitters and demerara syrup, served sealed inside a hollow ice sphere which the customer must smash with a special slingshot, transforming the drink from in the rocks to on the rocks. The concept is great, I’m just glad it doesn’t have any gross ingredients!

The most expensive cocktail in the world comes from a gourmet Italian restaurant found in the Monopoly board’s most expensive property, Mayfair (the UK version, of course). Gigi’s Cocktail, named after the restaurant, costs a whopping £8,888 as it is made from the finest ingredients known to man, them being; vintage champagne, ultra-rare Armagnac which predates the Boer War, angostura bitters and sugar, and gold leaf. You know you’ve reached the height of luxury when you can afford a glass of this stuff!

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