Delaware Usurps New Jersey as First State to Allow Online Gaming

Admittedly, we only sporadically cover the US gaming market here at Mr Gamez, mainly because the whole concept of online gaming in the country is a difficult one. However, with regulation being introduced in many states, you can expect the coverage to increase and Delaware has hit the news by becoming the first fully regulated state. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news, you’ll be well aware that many expected New Jersey to take the crown as the first, but Delaware opted to rush through proposals in order to do that themselves.

The news makes Delaware the first state to offer a full suite of regulated online gaming except poker and comes a full month ahead of New Jersey. The allowance of online gaming officially came into law on 31st October and means that the state is in exclusive company, with only Nevada permitting any form of online gambling.

While New Jersey was the first state to make official plans, Delaware beating them to the punch did not surprise too many people. After all, the signing of the Delaware Gaming Competitive Act of 2012 by Governor Jack Markell marked Delaware as the first state to pass a regulation law, even if it was not until many months later that the ruling and Act became official.

Unlike the previous days of online casino gaming in the US, the respective state governments are taking a decidedly more hands on approach to activities within their respective regions. This is good news for certain casino operators and suppliers as they end up with rights that are almost exclusively for the provision of said games. Delaware’s providers of choice are Scientific Games and 888 Holdings, which will undoubtedly be familiar names to experienced players. Indeed, you can check out our 888 Casino review here on the site from anywhere in the world for a sneak preview on what Delaware residents can expect to be playing over the coming months.

As is often the case, it hasn’t taken long for critics to appear following the introduction of legislation, although somewhat surprisingly said critics aren’t against gambling as a concept. Instead, they are simply unsure that Delaware has the capability of sustaining its own online gaming ecosystem. Of the fifty states, Delaware ranks 45th in terms of population, with less than a million permanent residents and around seven million tourist visitors each year. Naturally, online gaming is only legal for players that are physically located in the state, and some do not see such numbers as adding up to anything significant in terms of revenue.

Contrast this with Nevada, which is known for its tourist industry. While only occupying 35th place on the list of states by population, it still has more than three times the permanent population and around forty million visitors each year. Even they are struggling to maintain the viability of online gaming and so Delaware looks to be facing an uphill struggle. New Jersey, with nearly nine million residents, may well fare better although this remains to be seen when their online gaming offering goes live this month.

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