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If you’ve ever tried your hand at social casino games, then the chances are that you’ve tried your hand at DoubleDown Casino. Such is the importance of the casino platform on Facebook that you may well have seen our recent feature covering IGT’s latest earnings where the biggest success story of the entire financial report was the absolutely massive growth of DoubleDown, both in terms of players and revenue. Now, as one of the truly standout casino apps on Facebook, we’re going to take a look at what DoubleDown is all about, including where it fits in, how it works and how you can take your social gaming and casino gaming in general to the next level.

DoubleDown Casino - FacebookWhat is DoubleDown Casino?

Traditionally, casino apps on Facebook and other social platforms have relied on a single selling point, in many ways similarly to phone apps. You’ll find blackjack apps, slots apps and pretty much everything else individually, but few developers have opted to take the plunge with a fully featured social casino in the past. That all changed in 2010 when the game’s developer brought a fully featured casino suite to social platforms for the first time. It had never been done before, so nobody was really sure how it would fare, but after a relatively slow start, things soon picked up as players came to realise that social casino gaming in a dedicated environment was here to stay. By the end of 2011, DoubleDown ranked as the fourth most popular gaming app on all of Facebook and it was time for some of the more traditional casino companies to sit up and take notice.

And sit up they did – less than two weeks into 2012, IGT, the world’s largest developer of land based slots, announced a deal to buy out DoubleDown for a stunning $500 million. This valuation had no basis in traditional pricing, which took many by surprise with IGT being such a traditional company, but it signalled that the big names in the industry were not simply blowing smoke when it came to signalling their intent to get into social gaming.

Speaking at the time of the deal, Greg Enell, the CEO of DoubleDown, commented: “DoubleDown and IGT share complementary cultures focused on innovation and creativity. Both companies are committed to providing unrivalled quality, service and entertainment to millions of players. Leveraging IGT’s Research and Development, global reach and best in class content will provide our loyal player base with an even more robust experience and is expected to augment DoubleDown’s growth trajectory.”

With half a billion on the table, we’d probably have said something similar. Anyway, in layman’s terms, the casino platform that had previously featured an eclectic but limited selection of tables games, slots and video poker immediately had not only a cash windfall but also access to arguably the most renowned suite of slot games in the world. That means that today, you can head to DoubleDown on Facebook to enjoy some of the most popular slots out there, many of which are identical to the games you can try out here at Mr Gamez in our IGT category.

Playing at DoubleDown

DoubleDown still exists as the same company with the same staff as before IGT’s purchase, with the main difference now being the sheer muscle that a company like IGT can bring. Over a million players play at DoubleDown every single day and they enjoy titles that will be hugely familiar to you and us, including the likes of Wolf Run, Kitty Glitter and Siberian Storm. The social app is available on the main Facebook site, together with iPhones, iPads and Android.

DoubleDown for Real Money

As we’ve mentioned frequently, social casino gaming is all well and good until you actually want to play for real. Facebook doesn’t allow such activities and while you’re more than welcome to buy chips for cash, any winnings will be purely virtual. That undoubtedly leads some players to want to take the next step and try out some of the games that they have come to know and love at DoubleDown for real money, with a real chance of winning. Fortunately for everyone involved, the fact that they use what could be termed ‘real’ casino games, means that as long as you don’t mind looking outside Facebook, there are plenty of opportunities out there. First up, let’s take a look at some of the most popular games at DoubleDown:

Siberian StormSiberian Storm

Siberian Storm is one of the most famous games ever made and has joined IGT players in land based casinos, online casinos and now of course social casinos in the form of DoubleDown. It was one of the first slots to introduce 720 ways to win, which meant not only adjusting the conventional layout somewhat but also allowing symbols to pay left to right and right to left.


Another old favourite, Cleopatra fills the role as IGT’s leading Ancient Egyptian slot – you’ll find it in the IGT category, Ancient Egypt category and of course full listing of slots here on the site. Another of the most popular slots at DoubleDown, it continues to entertain players all over the world and focuses fully on entertainment.

Wolf RunWolf Run

A more modern game from IGT comes in the form of Wolf Run, with its more realistic graphics and stacked wilds being among the highlights, not to mention the forty win lines. Thousands of players enjoy the slot at DoubleDown on a daily basis, but even more play it for real cash around the world.

So, they are three great games but with DoubleDown not allowing real money wins, what are your options? First up, you’ll find all three of these great slots here at Mr Gamez, with all of their features on offer. Instead of buying more credits with Facebook Credits, you can play for as long as you like without spending a penny. That of course does not solve the issue of winning for real, so we’d point you in the direction of the following casinos:

Mr Green

Mr Green is one of the most modern and safest online casinos that you could ever hope to play it. It features real cash versions of all of the IGT slots at DoubleDown, not to mention the full selection here at Mr Gamez for unparalleled choice. Unlike DoubleDown, you can enjoy casino bonuses, dedicated support and of course the chance to win many times your stake in real cash!


MoneyGamingMoneyGaming has plenty of years of experience over Mr Green and has long been one of the most unique casino experiences around. You can again play the full range of IGT slots for real money, including all of the most popular DoubleDown games such as those mentioned above.

Overall, playing DoubleDown and IGT games socially may be entertaining, but there’s nothing quite like the buzz of a big win. So if you want to play for real and win for real, be sure to check out our thorough reviews of both Mr Green and MoneyGaming and if you want to try the games out with unlimited credits, feel free to stay as long as you like! Also, if you’re in a social mood, be sure to follow Mr Gamez on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest games and updates – we promise never to send you any request for more credits.