Gauteng the Place to Be for South African Casino Players

Gauteng may be the smallest province in South Africa but it is also the most populous and a recent report has identified the province as being the country’s true gambling hotspot. The report by internationally renowned Price Waterhouse Coopers indicates that of the entire South African market, which is worth more than US$1.6 billion, 44 per cent is based in Gauteng.

While the South African economy may continue to stagnate overall, the gaming market is one of the fastest growing in the world and continues to outstrip many other industries in the country. Both growth and revenues are currently at a five year high and they are projected to continue on the same path at least until 2017. The study that puts forth this data also keeps an eye on the local Nigerian and Kenyan markets and states that South Africa is the biggest of all in the region.

The PwC report is entitled “Betting on Africa – Gambling Outlook for 2013-2017” and covers the ins and outs of the entire gaming industry and how it looks set to develop in the coming years. Unsurprisingly, the report found that casinos are at the centre of gaming activity in the country and represent the biggest tax revenues for the government. Legally, they are considered to be entertainment venues rather than gambling establishments, particularly when accompanied by cinemas, restaurants and other leisure facilities. In total, casinos made up 78 per cent of gaming revenues in 2012, and the number only falls slightly to 71 per cent even when the South African national lottery is thrown into the equation.

Of the 37 licenced casinos in South Africa, seven are in Guateng, with KwaZulu-Natal coming in second with five, joint with the Western Cape. In spite of not being a million miles ahead in terms of the sheer number of casinos, Gauteng still represents 44 per cent of all gaming revenue in the country and 39 per cent of tax revenue.

The report dealt with all forms of gambling rather than just casinos, and identified bingo as the fastest growing segment, with the sector growing by 63.2 per cent in the last year. Slots were next at 34.4 per cent although they are seen as being the most consistent growth market until 2017. Sports betting grew by 14.1 per cent and continues to be the second largest individual gaming activity behind casinos in terms of revenue.

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