Getting the Best out of Progressive Jackpot Slots and Games

Progressive games are popular with players all over the world, and that comes as no surprise as they present players with the ticket to prizes beyond anything that they could possibly imagine. While rare, they are of course well worth winning and we offer a selection of slots here at Mr Gamez that, when played for real money at one of our recommended casinos, offer players a shot at prizes often upwards of $100,000 and even into seven figures in your local currency.

Hall of Gods Progressive JackpotProgressive games have been around since before the internet became the place to play casino games, although on a much smaller scale. Land based casinos would often link their games together and sometimes even extend that network to other local casinos to allow players to contribute to the pool and scoop it on any given spin or hand. Naturally, online casinos facilitated taking that to a whole new level as players from around can now get in on the action all at once. Microgaming, the oldest of the major online casino software providers, can be credited with starting the craze as they were the first to build a system that legitimately connected international players to the same prize pool, although all of the major online developers, such as Net Entertainment and Playtech, also offer their own versions.

How Do Progressive Slots Work?

Generally speaking, the slot itself often functions just like any other slot game that you may have played in the past. Indeed, some games were created to be standalone before being modified for progressive play, with Microgaming’s safari themed Mega Moolah being an excellent example. Every bet on the standard reels of the machine contributes part of the overall amount to the progressive pool, usually somewhere in the region of 1-2%. This is factored into pay out percentages and divided among the available jackpots. On the likes of Blade and X-Men, two titles that are hooked up to Playtech’s Marvel progressive jackpots, there are four tiers and naturally more is diverted to the larger jackpot than the small one. On games with just one jackpot amount, it all goes into the same fund.

Playing Progressive Slots at Mr Gamez

Hall of Gods Jackpot SlotNaturally, with our games all being free to play and using virtual credits, any progressive jackpots will be equally virtual. Such games come in two forms, those that are randomly awarded and those that pay out for a specific combination on the reels. The former includes the Marvel Jackpots on Playtech pokies, used by every game in the range from The Incredible Hulk to Iron Man 2. Every spin has a chance to activate the bonus progressive game, with a higher chance based on bigger bets. On the free version of these games, the progressive jackpots are completely disabled, meaning that players should factor in their chances of winning and the cut being taken from their stake as part of their strategy.

Arabian Nights by Net Entertainment is another progressive slot that you can play here at Mr Gamez. It is markedly different from the Marvel jackpots as the progressive prize is paid out for a specific symbol combination – in this case five Arabian princes. With the Prince also acting as a wild card, the jackpot cannot be disabled completely and so players can enjoy the full experience, including a virtual jackpot, by playing that and many other progressive Net Entertainment slots, such as Geisha Wonders, here at Mr Gamez.

Building Progressive Jackpots into your Strategy

When playing one of the Net Entertainment progressive slots here at Mr Gamez, adapting your strategy is simple as you will have a real chance at a virtual progressive prize. However, it is important to read the game rules, which are always built in to Net Entertainment slots, as they dictate any conditions for winning the top prize. For example, on Arabian Nights your eligibility is based on playing for the maximum line bet. This ensures fairness as players of any stake have an equal shot at the prize and those playing for the top amount would be somewhat annoyed if someone playing for a cent a line came along and scooped it.

Mega Fortune Progressive JackpotThis level of fairness is built into the Marvel progressive games by the chance of activating the round, as touched on earlier. Basically, someone playing for a dollar per spin is four times as likely to reach the round as someone playing for $0.25 and so on. However, when playing for free here, there is no indication as to when you may have won the jackpot, so factor the cut of stakes and the possibility of winning into your calculations.

Overall, progressive jackpots are a great way of getting hold of the most significant bankroll boosts around. However, be realistic with how you play and don’t over extend as there are absolutely no guarantees, just like everything else on online slots. If you’re playing for smaller stakes, it may not be worth the reduction in pay out percentage for a small chance of scooping the prize, for example. Either way, give the slots a spin and hopefully your luck will hold!