Getting the Most Out of Customer Support and Service at Online Casinos

The customer support teams at the leading online casinos need little introduction on a basic level. Whether you are having trouble signing up or depositing, or want to find out what the latest bonuses are, many players will have encountered the teams at some point in their online casino gaming careers. However, their roles as problem solvers are the most visible, but the casinos themselves also acknowledge that they are often the personal face of the company as they are the only members of staff that directly communicate with the players. It is therefore possible to get more out of the support teams than simply assistance.

How are Casino Support Teams Set Up?

The majority of casino support staff work centrally for a number of operators. This means that the representative is told which casino you are playing at and offers responses accordingly. This mainly stems from the fact that many of the most prominent software providers, such as Microgaming and Playtech, have made moves to integrate themselves fully into casino operations. They are able to train staff on existing technology and new developments, ensuring that they know everything possible about the systems and can help players accordingly. These team members then work across several often competing casinos, with a core knowledge of the software and specialist training on individual operations.

More than Just Problem Solving

As the “face” of the casino company that they are representing, support teams can offer players a wealth of information. Much of what a casino has to offer is displayed on their website or even sent out by email, but there is absolutely nothing to stop players from asking for something specific.

The first thing that players will notice at some casinos is that the live chat functionality works both ways. Many casinos employ staff specifically to monitor play by certain players and then to offer on the spot bonuses accordingly. Players that spend considerable time on a certain game may well see their live chat window appear with a representative offering free cash or bonuses, often specific to the game that you are playing. Even if it is not relevant at the time, a code can be added to the account for future use, and this is a bonus that the player would otherwise have never heard about.

Of course, this concept definitely works both ways and you should never be afraid to push your luck and ask for something. Support staff have access to your playing history at a glance and if you want an extra bonus then there is no need to wait around. They can quickly make a decision and you can end up with a bit of extra cash and play time just for asking. This also extends to comp points – if you are a few short of cashing out, then by all means ask for a top up.

Overall, remember that these people are there to help with more than just problems – they are tasked with providing the best experience possible, so don’t be afraid to ask!