How Reputable Online Casinos Keep their Players Safe and Secure

SecurityOne of the first things that we tell players to do here at Mr Gamez when it comes to selecting their online casino of choice is to ensure that they are reputable and safe. This extends not only to the fairness of the games but the swift return of winnings to the bank account, not to mention the assurances of privacy that are always required when personal information is involved. While this is all a given, we have decided to put together something of a behind the scenes look at just how online casinos put systems in place to guarantee this safety, so that even the most sceptical players know that they are in good hands.

Gaming Licences

Gaming licences from government organisations in the likes of Malta and Gibraltar are needed for casinos to even operate in most countries, but they go one step further. Acquiring a licence effectively requires the casino to open up its entire operation to the licencing body who will then carry out all manner of checks on everything from their games to the financial transaction systems in place to ensure that it is possible to make payments in a timely manner and that cash is protected while it is held in the player’s online balance.


Reputable online casinos are at the forefront of technological security, and encryption was in place even before banks started using it for their online offerings. The current peak of encryption security and the industry standard uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layers. This basically protects information as it travels from the player to the casino and back, including everything from personal details to financial information and basically prevents spying from any interested and unwelcome third parties.


Another technological advancement at which casinos are at the forefront is firewall protection. Many players will have noticed that it is possible to input card details once and then only have to provide certain pieces of information for subsequent deposits. This means that the credit card data, along with personal information, has to be stored somewhere. In the same way that encryption prevents the information from being intercepted in transit, firewalls stop others from accessing it once it is stored in a server location.

Human Intervention and Monitoring

It is with no exaggeration that we can state that the casino industry and some of the biggest names employ some of the best internet security personnel in the world. While hardware and software provides generic day to day protection for information, it is these experts that ensure that the industry is ahead of the curve. The larger names have their own team of security staff that are always keeping a watchful eye over operations, while others subcontract in staff from well-known security companies such as Norton and McAfee. The end result is one of the most secure online industries in the world.

So hopefully, all of this information combines to set even the most concerned minds at ease. All of the casinos mentioned on game pages or at our casino list here at Mr Gamez are reputable and have all of the above security measure in place, ensuring a safe, fair and fun casino gaming experience for all players.

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