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How to Play Keno

Keno is one of the most popular free games here at Mr Gamez, with much of that popularity no doubt due to how many players have enjoyed the game previously at their favourite land based casinos. Alongside the likes of roulette and blackjack, it is considered a staple of many online casinos as players clamour to enjoy the game in the comfort of their own home.

Keno OnlineThe game itself is often linked with bingo in online casinos, and categorised as such. Indeed, it shares a category with free bingo here at Mr Gamez. However, while the concept of choosing numbers and matching them with those that are drawn remain consistent, there is much more to get to grips with in order to become a successful Keno player.

The main difference between keno and standard bingo is that players are competing directly against the house in a one on one situation, much like a hand of blackjack. Players are given a card with eighty numbers on in total, and are allowed to select up to ten that they think will be drawn by the house. In land based casinos, the draw is usually made by a machine using balls akin to those used in table tennis, but naturally the online version of keno is somewhat different as all calculations are undertaken on the server. Of course, these server calculations are created to be fair to the player, and any reputable casino is just as honest and random as the balls being drawn from a machine. We use the very same style of game here at Mr Gamez, meaning that players can enjoy a hugely realistic keno experience – the difference being, of course, that our keno is absolutely free to play!

When players have their card, they can choose up to ten numbers by marking it with an “X”. On an electronic version, this simply means clicking the chosen number with the mouse. The benefit of playing keno online is that with no other players to worry about, players need not concern themselves with covering a set number of rounds with a single ticket as it is impossible to miss the next game. Instead, players can specify their stake and the number of rounds they wish to play and the price is automatically taken from their virtual credit balance.

The virtual board lights up whenever a number is chosen at random during the phase of the game known as the draw. Our online keno game displays pay outs alongside the gaming board itself, so players can immediately see what they stand to win when a certain number of their selections are drawn. If the player has opted to play the same numbers over more than one round, then they can simply sit back and wait for the random draw machine to take its course – the beauty of playing keno online is that there is absolutely no need to keep track of all of the action as wins and losses are calculated automatically and any changes in the player’s virtual balance are immediately reflected when the round ends.

Keno can certainly be something of an intimidating game for first time players, especially at land based casinos. The fact that it takes place in special lounges, with results boards all over the casino can make it look far more difficult and involved than it actually is. If you would like to try it for yourself, then you can find a classic version of online keno right here at Mr Gamez, where you can play absolutely free in order to get used to the betting patterns and results.