Enjoy Big Jackpot Chances on Online Games from WagerWorks / IGT

IGT may be best known for their land based games – indeed some of their own progressive slots continue to be a mainstay at land based casinos from Australia to Las Vegas – but their 2005 acquisition of WagerWorks opened up some brand new possibilities for fans of the brand when it came to winning even bigger progressive prizes while playing online. WagerWorks itself already had an online presence with some of the biggest online casino companies in the world, but the added firepower of IGT behind it ensured that even more casinos picked up their games. With progressive prizes being shared between multiple casinos in a network this meant even more players contributing to the prize pools on a regular basis. Now, the WagerWorks branded progressive slots and games continue to be some of the most appealing in the world, purely down to the size of the prizes on offer.

As always when it comes to IGT, it is important to note that some players cannot access their online games and subsequently those from WagerWorks due to licencing restrictions. You can find out more about this and the blocked territories on our dedicated IGT slots page but if you’re not in one of those blocked territories then you’re definitely good to go and ready to enjoy some of the finest progressive action in the online world. The following are just a handful of the available progressive games but represent some of the very best action for any jackpot hunting player.

Cleopatra’s Chest

Cleopatra's Chest slotWe would guess that many players’ first thought when taking a look at Cleopatra’s Chest would be “oh great, another Egyptian themed slot”. While it may well be the most saturated theme in the industry, this one is definitely set apart from the crowd as one of the only online slots to use not only the Egyptian theme but also to tack on a progressive prize that can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The action is simple enough to get acquainted with, with fifteen lines over five reels and prizes paid in the conventional manner, with a 7,500 coin prize the top end of regular play. Unlike some more familiar progressive games, the jackpot starts off at $10,000 and is updated overnight rather than in real time. To qualify for the jackpot, players must be playing for the full $1 bet per line, although those that play for less can still qualify for a percentage of the full jackpot amount. Five Cleopatra symbols on any of your active win lines qualifies for the top pay out, meaning that even a maximum line bet does not mean that you have to spend $15 on each and every spin although you could potentially be missing out if you opt for fewer!

Big Top Tombola

Big Top Tombola slotThe theme on WagerWorks’s Big Top Tombola will not take much guesswork – an exciting circus theme is waiting for all players and it is highlighted brilliantly by the graphics and sounds. As is often the case with slots from the company, there is plenty more to the action than simply the jackpot itself and Big Top Tombola is a genuine exciting slot in its own right. However, few things when it comes to online slots are quite as exciting as a shot at more than a million dollars, which is exactly what you could be in for when spinning in the Big Top symbol on any active win line with the maximum bet in play. Even if this is not the case, you’ll often find a Golden Ticket on the first reel which leads to the bonus game. In this round, the ringmaster draws from the Tombola itself and the value of your drawn ticket translates into a cash bonus amount. Overall, Big Top Tombola is one of those online slots where the progressive prize is definitely the biggest attraction, but if you want one of the biggest prizes around then this is definitely the slot to play.

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard slotHollywood Boulevard really lives up to its name, with reels featuring actors, mansions, exotic cars and more, and it really sets the scene for the prizes that can potentially be hitting any player’s account. The number of win lines in play is actually rather high for a WagerWorks progressive slot, with twenty available and each being activated in the traditional manner of adding another coin to the bet. As with Cleopatra’s Chest, players must stake the full $2 per line to qualify for the full jackpot, although lower stakes can still shoot for the relevant percentage. Again, the amount kicks off at $10,000 and builds up daily, with wins of hundreds of thousands of dollars not uncommon. Aside from the big one, players can also shoot for wilds and scatters to keep the bankroll ticking over until the top prize is hopefully eventually won.

Clover Rollover

Clover Rollover SlotClover Rollover is one of the biggest progressive jackpot games in the IGT/WagerWorks stable, with a top recorded prize of nearly $4 million. Part of the appeal is undoubtedly the fact that the slot is extremely quick to get to grips with, offering as it does only five win lines on the typically Irish lucky theme. While the game may be simple, it does also manage to offer the highest standalone prize in the range, with 10,000 credits on offer. However, this amount pales in comparison to the progressive prize regardless of your stakes and it is telling that even the seed amount, at $100,000, is one of the biggest in the industry. There are no percentage pay outs here as players have to stake the maximum $1 per line and it is often worth playing all five lines as five Shamrock symbols must appear on a line for the prize to be won. Being simple to play but huge to win on makes Clover Rollover an essential choice for any jackpot player.

Remember, these slots are not available everywhere but if you are eligible to play then they offer some of the truly best value of any online progressive slots in the world!

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