Introducing a Raft of New Net Entertainment Slots at Mr Gamez

Net Entertainment occupies an extremely solid third place in terms of online casino software market share behind Playtech and Microgaming, two behemoths of the industry. However, while some companies would be happy to consolidate third place, the Swedish company is set on grabbing as much of the market as possible and has already become well known to many players around the world for their top notch graphics and a combination of classic and innovative gameplay mechanics that serve to make their slots and other games popular among even the most demanding players.

Naturally, our aim here at Mr Gamez is to keep players as up to date as possible with new releases regardless of the developer, and it will come as no surprise that we have to keep a very close eye on Net Entertainment, as their strategy clearly involves adding more and more games to an already impressive catalogue. After all, one of the main differentiators between the company and one like Microgaming is the vastness of the catalogue. There are dozens of unexplored themes and feature opportunities out there for NetEnt, and they are certainly doing all that they can to ensure that there is definitely something for everyone no matter where they play.

As part of this strategy, we are pleased to announce the addition of an impressive fifteen new Net Entertainment games here at Mr Gamez which, as always, players can sample completely free either to see whether the game is right for them or to try out a brand new strategy. These games cover everything from slots to table games, plus much more in between and are all available here right now.

New Net Entertainment Slot Games

Hot City slotThe one word that best describes the latest Net Entertainment slot additions to the Mr Gamez catalogue is “stunning”. We, like you, already knew about the design team’s penchant for really pushing the boundaries of 3D visuals and immersive, atmospheric games that have a lot in common with video games rather than traditional slots, but some of these additions are among the most graphically impressive that we have ever seen. First up for fans of the visuals on their slot games is Hot City, which has more than a little in common with the Sex and the City franchise. While the graphics are not necessarily futuristic, they more than capture the mood of the game and add an element to the action that is rarely seen on even the most modern video slots. If futuristic is more your cup of tea, then you need look no further than the excellent Thief slot, which features all manner of gadgets and tools, this time with excellent 3D graphics and top notch animations, making it the ideal slot for fans of video games such as Assassin’s Creed.

Crusade of Fortune slotOf course, many players go for features rather than graphics, and we are very happy to say that the latest batch of Net Entertainment slots boasts some of the best themed features that our visitors will have ever seen. The real standout among the range is Crusade of Fortune, which draws inspiration from typical Dungeons and Dragons lore with Dwarves, Elves and a recurring war theme. The main bonus round sees players taking on an Orc in one on one combat in a round that is highly reminiscent of old console games. Players are even rewarded with cash prizes for successfully damaging their opponent or deflecting blows, which is sure to bring out the inner gamer in any slot player.

It is also worth highlight Relic Raiders, as the key bonus feature sees players setting off to the world’s historical hotspots to uncover long lost treasure, something that is brought to life unlike on any other major slot game with players having full control over where they look and what they search for. These are of course joined by a whole host of equally impressive slots in their own right, such as Funky Seventies and Pacific Attack, and we would certainly encourage all of our visitors to give the new games a look.

New Net Entertainment Table Games

Roulette ProNaturally, Net Entertainment wants to be a well-rounded casino software provider, and any casino would be missing out on a significant audience if they did not offer a comprehensive selection of table games. As with the slots, Net Entertainment’s table games are visually stunning and often run on the very same engine as the slots themselves, making for video game style graphics that are just about as close as players can get to the land based experience without playing with live dealers or visiting a casino. Perhaps the overall highlight of the recent additions is Roulette Pro, which adds all manner of options and features to the traditional game of roulette, including tracking patterns of where the ball lands in the form of percentages, making strategy development even easier.

Another highlight is Red Dog Progressive, which takes a typical table game and adds in yet more features to ensure fast, smooth gameplay with everything about the graphics and sounds fully adjustable.

You can play each and every one of these new additions here at Mr Gamez, including a description of the game to get you started and recommendations of where to play for real if the game takes your fancy, with some of the best Net Entertainment casinos around represented, regardless of your location.