Play the One Armed Bandit online

The one armed bandit is an essential part of casino gaming folklore. Prior to the modern days of advanced video slots with all sorts of effects, not to mention a spin button, the mechanical reels relied on a tug on the lever to set the reels in motion and while such technology has pretty much been eliminated, many casinos around the world still feature classic style slots that continue in an arm, even if it’s just there for decoration. Indeed, electronics were added into slot machines in the 1980s and ever since then there has been no specific need for the arm, even if some manufacturers continued to include them for either visual or gameplay purposes.

With so many slots now available online, and the players following them there, the legacy of one armed bandits has just about been consigned to history. It’s not something that old school players necessarily want to see, as there is something immensely satisfying about pulling the lever and watching the symbols fall into place. Button presses and touchscreens may be more efficient and intuitive, but there is certainly something to be said for the lever pulling motion!

Fortunately, the arms may have disappeared in land based casinos, but that hasn’t stopped online developers from including them in their offerings. Whether you appreciated the simplistic nature of the games, the familiar symbols or the focus on winning big on the reels, you’ll find all of that and much more in our very own classic slots section here at Mr Gamez. While the games themselves may not be as old as their one armed bandit counterparts, they have been designed specifically to conjure up memories of such games and in some cases you’ll even find an arm or two thrown in for good measure!

Perhaps the best example of all is Net Entertainment’s Gold Rush, and if you have a passion for the one armed bandits then that is definitely one that should be on your shortlist. We’d dare say that you won’t come much closer to playing a one armed bandit online and the design of the game itself even includes the retro look of an old machine! The fruits and bars will make you feel right at home and while everything may have gone virtual, it is a truly solid reminder of the casino industry’s older days!

Of course, that is just one of the great classic slots that we have to offer here on the site, and whether you’re looking for an authentic retro experience or simply want to check out how modern developers have drawn inspiration from the older machines to build outstanding slots, they’re all there and ready to play! Naturally, while those games are all available with no deposit here on the site, we’ll also point you in the right direction if you want to play online for real cash.