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Paddy Power Applies for New Jersey Gaming Licence

We’ve been long-time fans of Paddy Power here at Mr Gamez as they were one of the very first online operators to combine their core bookmaking business with an industry standard casino. Normally we don’t focus too extensively on the US gaming market but one particular story caught our eye today that continues the tradition of Paddy Power taking the lead in expansion and development. If you have followed the online gaming industry with any degree of closeness then you will know that the US is moving closer to regulating online gambling once again, opening up one of the largest potential markets. With US based companies all but eliminated following the previous closure of the sector, there is ample opportunity for some of the international big names to pick up the slack and that is exactly what Paddy Power is looking to achieve.

Paddy Power Casino websiteOne of the first US states expected to implement new online gambling legislation is New Jersey, with the proposals set to become live in November this year. As you’ll have no doubt gathered from the introduction, Paddy Power has stormed ahead of the competition and already lodged its application for a gaming licence in the state.

David Power, son of Paddy Power founder David and Communications Director at Paddy Power said: “We want to make sure that we’re in place and ready. We have applied for the licence to be in there and we’ll then see what is viable. We’re putting ourselves into position.”

The comment is telling in the fact that Paddy Power are effectively planning ahead without any actual operational plans for the outcome. The company was awarded an online gaming licence in Nevada in 2012 but has not yet implemented any kind of gaming infrastructure for players in the state. Whether the same applies to New Jersey remains to be seen, although a promising development is the placement of a dedicated team headed up by Eamonn Toland in the role of President of Gambling and Casinos in North America. While a relatively small team, he and his colleagues have been briefed by management to identify any opportunities as they become available.

As noted, we do enjoy the manner in which Paddy Power always seems to be a step ahead of the competition and eagerly await developments. Access to such markets will undoubtedly result in an extended period of growth for the company, with noticeable improvements taking place across their core products. This could see many more games being added to their current Playtech casino platform and much more, which will benefit players not only in the US but also around the world.

You can keep an eye on all of the latest Paddy Power developments here at Mr Gamez and if you want to find out what their casino platform is all about then be sure to check out our thorough Paddy Power Casino review.