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Play Hi Lo Switch Pro for Free for Fun or to Practice at Mr Gamez

Hi Lo Switch Pro is part of the line-up at many online casinos, but has nowhere near the name value of some of the other leading table games around, such as roulette and blackjack. However, it is an excellent game in its own right – easy to get to grips with but difficult to master, just like all of the best casino table games. In this post, we look at what the game is, how to play and also some of the typical winning strategies employed by successful players.

Hi Lo Switch ProThe game itself is the online casino version of the typical higher or lower card game and adds a range of features for players to really sink their teeth into. The action begins with three cards being dealt face up to the player, with the simple task of deciding whether the next card drawn is higher or lower than that shown. Cards are determined in rank order, meaning that Jacks are worth eleven, Queens twelve and so on, and Aces are low. The inherent difficulty, aside from choosing whether the next card will be higher or lower than the one on display, is that a tie always works in the house’s favour and players have no option to back a tie – although doing so would be terrible strategy in many cases!

Play begins with the player placing their bets, as with most table games. The cards are then dealt and the action gets underway. Players can either opt to go straight for a higher or lower bet, or can switch the cards immediately after the deal. This involves all three cards being discarded and replaced with another random deal, just like drawing at video poker or other similar games. Players begin with two opportunities to switch and can acquire one more in the switch bank with three successful higher or lower picks without switching.

One of the biggest attractions of Hi Lo Switch Pro is the fact that the game can, in theory, go on indefinitely, with players rolling their stakes into additional bets. Whereas blackjack, for example, is played on a hand by hand basis, players effectively stake all of their winnings on a certain hand on the next card to be drawn. The game also utilises odds in a far more obvious manner than other table games, with them being displayed on screen and based on the likelihood of the potential outcome. $5 staked on a seven, for example, returns $10.40 for successfully opting for either higher or lower as it is bang in the middle of the card ranking. A Queen, on the other hand, pays only $5.65 for successfully betting that the next card will be lower, but a far more impressive – and equally riskier – $62.40 for going higher.

Naturally, the more you win, the bigger the prizes on offer for the next successful card choice as all prizes are, as mentioned, completely cumulative. This means that even players that play for relatively small stakes can scoop big wins on a single hand, although part of the skill of playing Hi Lo Switch Pro successfully revolves around switching and collecting at the right time.

The good news for players is that the odds of winning a certain amount, and the amount itself, are generally very close to the actual percentage chance of a certain outcome. The house edge derives from the aforementioned rule whereby players lose on a tie, and so there is always value to be found at the table. The key strategy when playing Hi Lo Switch Pro is the oft mentioned core skill of any casino player: discipline. It is rarely worth risking large cumulative wins on risky hands unless you have a particular prize amount in mind. Sevens in particular fall into the risky category, as players are paid better than evens but it is slightly worse than an even chance of winning when the draw is factored in. In many cases, a decent prize and no remaining switches is the right time to collect the amount that has built up.

As mentioned, Hi Lo Switch Pro bears one of the hallmarks of all casino classics, that being that the game is easy to get the hang of but difficult to master. However, you can practice for as long as you like here at Mr Gamez, where Hi Lo Switch Pro is free to play, just like all of our table games. The game is also a lot of fun in its own right whether playing for real money or not, and so we invite you to try it out just as a time waster if you prefer, with no download or registration required.