Playing For Real: Payment Methods and Wallets at Online Casinos

As part of a recent series of blog posts here at Mr Gamez we have been looking at moving from practicing and playing for fun onto playing for real at some of the world’s leading online casinos. While recent topics have covered staying safe and finding the right games, one often overlooked aspect of online casino gaming is financial management. The first option that many players are presented with is depositing with their credit card, but virtually every online casino also accepts a range of alternative payment methods for the players’ convenience, and they can often be a great addition to any toolset, particularly for prolific players.

Pre-Paid Cards

While the chances of encountering any financial issues are slim, particularly at any of our recommended casinos, some players like to have the added layer of security provided by pre-paid credit or debit cards. This is provided by providing another layer on top of the player’s personal details and financial transactions. In effect, no player, or anyone else that gets hold of their details, can spend more on the card than has been specifically deposited. This serves not only to protect the player but also aids immensely in the setting of budgets, something that forms an essential part of any gambling strategy.

Among the most popular pre-paid credit cards is the PaySafe Card which is currently available in most major European gambling markets. The cards are literally pay as you go in nature, meaning that players need no credit checks or contracts and are free to use it in the same way as any other credit card as long as they have added sufficient credit themselves. They work somewhat like gift vouchers on casino sites, with players able to make deposits from the card simply by entering a scratched off pin code on the card itself, with no further information necessary.

Digital Wallets

The other major tool in any player’s arsenal is the digital wallet. The industry itself grew up alongside online casinos, and many people became interested in online gambling before they even considered online shopping and some of the major e-wallets, even today, predated the creation of PayPal as a consumer version of the same technology. These wallets are treated just like a bank account, and players can add and withdraw funds without exposing their financial details to the casino itself. They also come in very handy for players at multiple casinos as they can be used all over the web from just a single account. Indeed, PayPal itself has also become popular among some players that carry out a range of electronic transactions online and MyBet Casino, one of our most highly recommended operators and one that you will see listed throughout the site, is perfect for players that want this option.

Undoubtedly the most popular of all electronic wallet systems is Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers. Many casino players have adopted the option over the years as a central place to keep all of their gambling funds. As noted, one of the key aspects of any winning strategy is never gambling more than the player can afford, and a service such as Skrill enables players to instantly see what they have to spend, set aside from their standard bank account or card balance.

Recent news also announced the addition of a VIP scheme to Skrill itself. Regular casino players will of course be familiar with the concept, although few that only use credit cards will have ever thought such a scheme could apply to their payment method. In partnership with Initial Rewards, the company offers loyalty gifts based on transaction volumes, meaning that players can get a little something extra just for protecting their personal details and using the service, in addition to any rewards from the casinos themselves.

The Benefits of Alternative Payment Systems

While many players will find their own benefits as soon as they use the payment options noted here, one of the largest is that many casinos offer extra cash based on the deposit method, with electronic wallets undoubtedly being the most popular choice. While it varies from casino to casino, some give players an extra 10% of every deposit in bonus cash, simply for using such a service. The main reason for this is that such services not only provide more protection for the player, but also the casino that does not have to track, manage and secure another set of financial details.

So, before you sign up with a new casino after playing here at Mr Gamez, take a look in to the most popular services which may well be far better for your bankroll management and a cash booster all at the same time.

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