Playtech adds Dual Network Function to Live Games

One of the many challenges facing online casino software developers around the world is ensuring that players can enjoy a tailored cultural gaming experience wherever they happen to be. People are spread out, but the technology at online casinos is meant to bring them closer to where they want to be, and Playtech has often been at the forefront of satisfying customer demand.

Bet365 - Live Dealer CasinoOne particular area of focus has always been high rolling Asian gamblers. Macau recently became the biggest gaming destination in the world, while the land based strategies of casinos from Europe to Australia all have elements of catering to such players in mind. Playtech has certainly not ignored this fact either, as evidenced by the successful launch of their Dual Network feature across all of their live games.

In effect, an Asian player that is playing at a Playtech partner casino from the UK, for example, can now opt to play at a UK based table with an Asian dealer. This is by no means just a token gesture as the dealer will follow the kind of etiquette and customer service practices that players will be used to in their own country. The same does of course work both ways – a European player in Asia can quickly and easily access games hosted by dealers that use western conventions when it comes to player interactions. The overall effect is that players can enjoy an experience that is just like visiting their local casino no matter where they happen to be at the time, with the focus being on making the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Commenting on the new technology, Shim Akad, Playtech’s Vice President of Operations, said: “The introduction of the ‘Dual Network’ feature once again shows Playtech’s responsiveness to player’s needs. We constantly aim to provide our operators with the newest technology and best offering in the market. We follow consumer behaviours and create products that provide our licensees with a strong competitive advantage, which allows them to expand their potential market. I am certain that this feature will be more and more important amongst players and operators in no time.”

Many of the biggest name Playtech partners already offer live dealer games and you can already access this new Dual Network feature with many of the top brands. Check out our Playtech page for a full selection of the best, with Mansion among our highest recommendations.