Play Some of the Best Progressive Casino Games Around with Playtech

Playtech has always had a reputation for high quality games and as one of the biggest casino software developers in the world, they have created more than their fair share of top class progressive games. Finding the biggest and best progressive jackpots is never an easy task as Playtech competes with virtually other casino developer in the world for the jackpot crowd, but their strategy of tacking on jackpots to some truly excellent slots and other games makes for a winning combination.

By far the most popular of the progressive jackpots on offer at any Playtech powered casino such as or Grand Reef Casino is the range of Marvel Power jackpots, which we will cover in far more detail below. They are backed up by some individual games that are well worth winning on, comprising not only slots but also a great selection of further additions that make for some great surprises and opportunities to win life changing amounts of cash in ways that simply do not exist at land based casinos – or those of their competitors. All in all Playtech casinos are always a great destination for jackpot hunters and here we’ll show you exactly why that is the case.

Gold Rally

Gold Rally SlotGold Rally is one of those online slots where initial appearances could well be deceiving. With only three reels, players may feel that they’re in for a simple game without much action but that could not be further from the truth. All of Playtech’s classic slots are a little more than meets the eye and aside from eight win lines and an impressive progressive jackpot, there is plenty of fun to be had among the prospecting theme. There can be absolutely no confusion about scooping the top prize, which usually pops at around $750,000, as the line bet is fixed at $2 each, meaning that every player has an equal shot at the top prize. The choice comes from the number of lines in play which are fully adjustable from one all of the way to eight and the main symbol protagonist is the scatter. Any symbol can appear anywhere and nine scatters at once means that the progressive jackpot is won – that’s all there is to it. Gold Rally does retain some aspects of classic slot gameplay, with no bonus rounds or wild cards in the fray, but if your focus is on winning big and doing it without distraction, this really is the perfect slot game. Gold Rally is also available on mobiles and tablets, so be sure to check out our Playtech powered mobile casino reviews for exactly where to play and shoot for the massive prizes from anywhere.

Marvel Power Jackpots

video slots - Ghost RiderRather than simply applying to a single online slot, the Marvel Power Jackpots are in a category all of their own, where players have more choice as to their preferred slot than any other jackpot pool. Whether you’re playing X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man or any other slot in the Marvel range, you have the same chance of hitting the Marvel Power Jackpots. Rather than relying on a specific symbol combination, players have a random chance of activating the progressive bonus game on each spin. The higher the bet, the more chance of reaching the round, so a player betting $10 per spin has ten times the chance of reaching the round than someone playing the same game for a dollar. There are four jackpots in total, comprising in ascending order the Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power prizes. The lowest usually pays out at around $300, while the Ultimate Power Jackpot often reaches upwards of half a million. With more ways to win in terms of the choice of slots, this is by far the most flexible set of progressive jackpots at any Playtech casino and a favourite of players around the world.

Beach Life

Beach Life SlotBeach Life was one of the first progressive slots to hit the screens of Playtech casinos and continues to be a great choice for any jackpot hunter. The graphics are somewhat dated although they continue to evoke images of holidays and sunshine, but the game is a classic in its own right and that’s before the progressive jackpot even comes into play. As something of a step up from Gold Rally, there is the conventional five reel layout together with wilds and scatters, not to mention a standalone bonus round. The wild card in particular is crucial as five in a row on the twentieth win line pays out the progressive prize which regularly reaches upwards of three million dollars, making it the most valuable in the Playtech range and one of the biggest in the world.

Jackpot Darts

Jackpot DartsOne progressive game that you won’t find anywhere else is Jackpot Darts, a game that proves that there is much more to progressive prizes than just slots. There are different jackpots depending on your stake, with the aim of the game being to predict where the dart will land, kind of like a hybrid of darts and roulette. Players can bet on everything from singles to bull, not to mention the jackpot itself which is won by throwing three bullseyes in a row. Jackpot Darts is an engaging game in its own right but the fact that players have been known to win six figure jackpots makes it even more entertaining and well worth checking out.

The Playtech progressives may not be the biggest in the world in terms of cash amounts, but they do an excellent job of combining big prizes with entertaining games in their own right, with Jackpot Darts in particular being a unique means of winning life changing amounts. You can play all of these progressive games and many more at the top Playtech casinos.