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Reasons to play free online slots

Casino games, whether online or land based, were designed with the idea of gambling in mind, naturally, meaning that their primary function, from the blackjack tables to the online slots, is for players to play them for real money. However, as you can tell, we are big fans of free slots and free casino games here at Mr Gamez and in this article we would like to shine something of a light on our reasons why we feel free games are an excellent idea for all types of players.

  • Free games are perfect for new players. The term “new players” does not necessarily mean those that have never had the opportunity to set foot in a casino before – although they do form part of this category. Experienced players that want to try something new are also considered to be new in the context of a game that they have never tried before. Everyone has to start somewhere as nobody is born with the inherent ability to play the latest games as soon as they are released! Online slots, for example, have evolved massively from the days of pubs and clubs, where three reels and fruit symbols were common. There is now a multitude of features, from bonus rounds to win lines and other systems to take into account. It is also important to note that the odds published on casino games, such as the house edge or return to player percentage, are calculated based on “perfect” play. In online blackjack, for example, the published pay-out assumes that the player is utilising at least basic strategy to make their decisions. By trying out our free casino games you can get a realistic feel for how the games work without the need to risk any real cash.
  • Free casino games are fun. This is our favourite reason here at Mr Gamez and the driving factor behind bringing as many casino games as possible to players for free. Gone are the days when the excitement of the highs and lows of winning and losing were enough to entertain players. Nowadays, online slots manufacturers are always trying to add in something more to keep players on their toes and enjoying the games as they were intended. The bonus features on free video slots, for example, can often rival the quality of social and even handheld games that are sold specifically for entertainment and playing the games can become a highly enjoyable experience in its own right, without the need for any money to change hands.
  • Practice makes perfect when it comes to any online casino game. If you are the kind of player that is trying to learn the basic strategy for blackjack or wants to determine which number of win lines yields the best results on an online slot, then the best way to work it out is one where you are not spending anything! Our games are based on the exact same software used at online casinos, meaning that actions taken in free play will yield the same results as if playing for real. While every spin of the slot is random and every card drawn is equally so, players can try out new ideas for as long as they please and whatever stake levels they prefer before transferring what they have learned to the real casinos.
  • The opportunity to try something new. Some of the biggest and most popular online casino software manufacturers have literally hundreds of different games in their catalogues. The chances are that to try them all, players would have a single spin on each before their bankroll was exhausted. It is also common for online casino players, particularly slots players, to find a game that they like and then stick with it through thick and thin, without giving any other game a chance to impress. By playing for free here at Mr Gamez, you may well find a game that is even better than your current favourite and do not need to burn through your bankroll to find out – you can play any of our extensive range of slots and other games for as long as you like and using whatever betting plans you prefer, giving players the opportunity to see how a game plays in a realistic setting while taking in extra features such as bonus rounds.

So, as you can see, we firmly believe that there is much more to online slots than gambling and that is the driving factor behind bringing one of the most comprehensive ranges of free online slot games and other casino classics to our players. Try something new and play it until you master it – it is all possible here at Mr Gamez.