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Small, Regular Wins or that One Big Jackpot Hit – Which to Choose?

When it comes to playing online casino games, there are all sorts of different types of players. However, the vast majority will fall into the categories of either wanting to win big, have fun or a mix of both. These categories can be broken down further when considering just what fun and winning big means to certain players and the subject of this post is the difference between winning really big on rare occasions or enjoying small, consistent wins over a period of time. Naturally, it is more than possible to have fun at the same time using either method, and we encourage you to try out any of our free casino games at Mr Gamez for that very reason.

Players that seek out the really big occasional wins are those that often play jackpot slots or other progressive games. They are happy to take something of a minor hit to their bankroll on each and every spin or hand in order to contribute to a pot that they have a very real chance of winning. They are also the kinds of players that are perhaps willing to overextend their bankroll somewhat in order to scoop the biggest and best prizes in as short a time possible, knowing full well the risk that their entire cash pile may be gone sooner than they would hope.

The slow and steady players, at the extreme end of the scale, are the ones that are content to play a low variance game such as blackjack and pile up the wins in an extremely steady fashion. They take bankroll management extremely seriously, meticulously ensuring that they have more than enough cash to last them a session or more, and as such eliminate the possibility of any excessively large prizes. Win or lose, the result will not make a massive difference to what they started with in terms of a percentage.

Of course, each of these strategies is very extreme and not many players truly fall into either category. One of the best ways to avoid overextending while still having a shot at decent prizes is to bet based on your actual bankroll. Say you are intent on playing a hundred hands or a thousand slot spins and have a certain amount of cash with which to do that. If you strike lucky early, then by all means up the coin bets or any other options in order to potentially make the prizes bigger. If you see the wins coming in thick and fast, then by all means up it again. On the other hand, if you see the cash trickling away then it is time to reduce your bets accordingly. This way, you can still have a chance at some of those rare but lucrative prizes without compromising your overall strategy.

Another popular tactic is to combine the slow and steady wins with a chance at a big prize. Lotteries are a great example of lumping on one life changing prize with a small chance of winning, but such is the range of choice in casino games that this need not be the case. Our Red Dog Progressive game from Net Entertainment, for example, takes the hassle out of building up your bets for the biggest prizes by automatically staking any wins on the next hand. This feature is of course optional so you can still make a steady, but slower profit from the standard game.

Arabian Nights, also by Net Entertainment, is another great choice for players that want to combine steady action with top prizes. The slot is fully featured in its own right, but also offers a progressive prize for five Prince symbols in a row. You can play the game as normal, collecting wins as you go, while still having a chance on every single spin to boost your bankroll massively.

Whatever your preference, you are sure to find the perfect game for your betting and winning style here at Mr Gamez, so feel free to explore everything we have to offer and try them completely free, with no download required.