Social Casinos – Social Casino Gaming on the rise

If you’re an avid casino player, and the chances are that you have at least a passing interest if you’re joining us here at Mr Gamez, then it can’t have escaped your attention that one of the fastest growing segments of the market is social gaming. Since the internet came along, the casino industry changed immeasurably and from the ability to play top class slots and table games at home to more recent developments like mobile gaming and live dealer streaming, there always seems to be something new going on.

DoubleDown Casino - FacebookOne of the latest of these developments is social gaming which really came to the fore late in 2011 and early 2012 and, as you’d imagine, it has piggybacked heavily on the success of Facebook. Pretty much everyone has a Facebook account and the surging popularity of social casino games reflects a small part of just how the entire gaming landscape has changed. Back in the days when we were entertaining ourselves with Sega and Nintendo, it was definitely a niche pastime. However, the current PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the two most pre-ordered consoles in history, everyone with a smartphone seems to have a game of choice and we’re honestly sick to death of notifications inviting us to play Candy Crush!

Nevertheless, gaming is more acceptable than ever and when it comes to seeking out quick and easy entertainment, as social games so often are, casino games are right near the top of the pile. While no single game can quite match up to the likes of Farmville in terms of the daily number of players, there are dozens out there that boast more than a million players and in our series of upcoming features here at Mr Gamez we’re going to be delving deeply into the most popular and taking different perspectives on what to play and, more importantly, how to transition to real money gaming.

It is that last point that really deserves plenty of attention throughout our coverage. Facebook goes out of its way to be a “family friendly” online experience and we’ll be the first to admit that casino gaming remains an adults only pastime, as it should be. Real money wagering isn’t allowed within any of the gaming apps that we’ll be covering in the coming days and companies are looking for other ways to monetise their games. This hasn’t stopped some of the biggest names in the industry getting involved, with the likes of IGT and Caesars just two of the familiar casino industry giants to have a significant share of the social gaming market.

From our perspective as players, entertainment is just one aspect of gaming. When it comes to being able to buy credits but never winning real cash, that’s where we have to draw the line! Conversely, if it was all about the money then we wouldn’t strive to bring you the latest and greatest casino games with no deposit required here at Mr Gamez so there is definitely a fine balance to be struck. As noted, the upcoming features in this social gaming series will tackle the genre from all angles and you’ll be fully clued up on the biggest names and games, moving from social gaming to real gaming and everything else that will ensure that you’re definitely not going in blind the next time you log on to your favourite social slots!