The Top Social Casino Table Games – And Their Real Cash Alternatives

When people think of casino table games on Facebook, the first thing that comes to mind is poker, particularly hold’em , with the likes of Zynga Poker and Texas Hold’em Poker being two of the most popular apps around. However, we’re more concerned with the more conventional type of casino card games like blackjack and roulette where you’re playing against the house rather than other players and in this special feature we’re going to take a look not only at some of the most popular social casino apps on Facebook, but also show you the very best places to play extremely similar games for real cash.

Blackjack King

Blackjack King is perhaps the most popular standalone blackjack game on Facebook with hundreds of thousands of players taking part on a monthly basis. If you’ve been checking out our other social casino features here on the site then you’ll be familiar with the concept of having a set number of chips with the option to buy more, together with the ability to go through more and more levels of action for increased limits and other upgrades. At its core, however, the game is a standard blackjack game that makes use of the regular rules that you’ll know and love whether playing offline or online. The graphics are more than serviceable and the main highlight is that you can play the game not only online but also on iPads and iPhones.

The best real money alternative to Blackjack King is…

Perfect BlackjackPerfect Blackjack

The name may be somewhat pretentious, but Playtech’s Perfect Blackjack is the closest that you’ll come to Blackjack King with real money options. The graphics in use are eerily similar to the point where you’ll feel like you’re playing the same game. However, rather than having to invest in extra chips with no chance at a cash return, you’ll be able to play with your own money and take it back out when you win, not to mention enjoying extra boosts with bonus cash. Playtech don’t make many blackjack games, but this basic one is one of the best out there and offers the same rules and features as Blackjack King. You can check it out now at that offers great mobile options, so you can continue to enjoy them on your Apple devices, just like on Blackjack King.

Baccarat Live Casino

We were actually somewhat surprised to find a standalone baccarat app as while it is one of the most popular casino games around, it still lags behind blackjack and roulette in popularity somewhat. However, Happi Baccarat aka Baccarat Live Casino fills that void on Facebook and certainly turned out to be worthwhile as it now has tens of thousands of players on the tables every month. Its main strength is of course that it is free, but it also builds in a strong social element with live chat with others in the room and the ability to send and receive gifts – typical social casino fare really but all on the back of a high quality baccarat game.

The best real money alternative to Baccarat Live Casino is…

Baccarat Pro SeriesBaccarat Pro Series

Net Entertainment’s range of table games is one of the most highly regarded in the world and their Baccarat Pro Series is a core part of that range. The graphics are a couple of steps up from Baccarat Live Casino and make for one of the most immersive table gaming experiences that you could ever hope to find. As with our blackjack coverage above, the rules are exactly the same but you can enhance your action by being able to play with the exact cash amounts that you deposit, not to mention enhancing the value of every game with bonus cash and extra rewards. If you want to see Baccarat Pro Series in action without risking any cash at all, then you can play for as long as you like right here at Mr Gamez with no deposit and if you’d like to take your baccarat play to the next level and play for real then you’ll find the full version at Mr Green Casino, one of our most highly recommended operators.

Roulette Tournaments

Players on Facebook are spoiled for choice when it comes to roulette apps, particularly given the fact that roulette was one of the first fully featured casino games to hit the platform. We’ve selected Roulette Tournaments not only because it boasts more players than virtually every other roulette app on the site, but also because it truly is a social option. Rather than attempting to just beat the dealer, you are joined at your chosen table by other players in real time and can interact with them, attempt to beat their scores and undertake a variety of other activities, all with high quality 3D graphics and animations and traditional roulette rules.

The best real money alternative to Roulette Tournaments is…

Live Dealer RouletteLive Roulette

The name might be simple, but we simply had to pick up on the social element of Live Roulette in order to make it the best real money alternative. If you’re used to Roulette Tournaments then you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with the concept of waiting for players to place their bets and passing the time chatting away. Graphics are not an issue as you’re actually playing on a genuine roulette table with a real life dealer, with the graphics and gameplay delivered by video feed. However, what makes Live Roulette stand out in comparison to Roulette Tournaments is that you’ll be joined by a number of other players at the table and are free to interact with both them and the dealer in real time. Who said real money casino gaming couldn’t be social too? The best Live Roulette games, like blackjack, are found at Playtech casinos and continues to be market leaders in the field. Check out the respective reviews to decide which of the two will be right for you!