In Focus: Aristocrat’s UltraSpin Slots Series

The UltraSpin series from Aristocrat is a popular choice among players thanks to simple, consistent gameplay and the outstanding UltraSpin bonus game.

Diamond Destiny SlotAristocrat keeps the slots series coming lately, and they’ve just delivered the latest batch of UltraSpin slots to casinos around Europe and beyond. As you’d expect, the games are all linked together by a common feature, while also putting their very own twist on proceedings to ensure that casinos don’t simply stick with one game over the others. There are three games in the series at present, and they’re all worthy choices for your play time at the casino. We’ll take a look at each game in detail as we proceed through the feature, but first let’s take a look at the UltraSpin feature itself, which of course defines every single one of the games!

Aristocrat’s UltraSpin Feature

At first glance, this particular feature looks somewhat complex but once you’ve seen it in action, it will all begin to make sense. The main idea behind it is to award the jackpot prizes that you can see displayed at the top of any of the cabinets, with Mini, Minor, Major and Grand Jackpots available. They are seeded at $50, $100, $1,000 and $4,000 respectively when using a 1c credit bet, so as you’d imagine, they’re well worth winning at any time. You’ll often find yourself playing for far more than that too, as the prizes make use of a pooling system where all of the UltraSpin slots in a casino are linked together and a number of players contribute to the prize pool at the same time, while also naturally having a chance to win the lot.

The prizes are won when three or more UltraSpin symbols land on the reels. Any reel that features that symbol remains in play for the bonus game, with the others being shut out. They will then spin with new symbols, with the aim being to collect as many of the featured gems as possible. They can appear multiple times on a single reel, so it’s all about the luck. There are credit prizes on offer, but you’ll ultimately want to spin in six or more of the main symbol, as they are what award the jackpot prize. The more that land, the higher the prize, with the top Grand Jackpot being won when nine or more gem icons land – so the more reels that you have in play, the better your chances, although even with only three on offer, there’s always a chance!

Emerald Empire

Emerald Empire understandably uses the emerald as the feature symbol and we must say that the game is very, very green as you’d expect. The core action takes place across 25 lines, although if you’ve got the jackpot in mind then this is largely irrelevant. While there can be no guarantees of winning a jackpot, you’ll almost always get a shot at the main bonus round, which is won by spinning in three or more Free Games icons. Five vault doors are presented on a second screen, each hiding a certain number of free spins between five and twenty. You pick up whatever number of spins you reveal, together with a random multiplier. You can trigger additional spins during the game itself and don’t even have to miss out on any of the jackpot action as the UltraSpin feature can come into play during both normal and free games.

Ruby Saloon

As you’ll have figured, the UltraSpin series makes use of precious stones as the main symbols during the games and Ruby Saloon does of course feature the ruby as the key icon in the action. Like Emerald Empire, even if your jackpot luck is out you can still scoop big prizes during the free spins round in exactly the same way, with three scatters leading to a game of up to twenty spins. That’s not the only similarity as you can once again enter the jackpot round within the free spins and even scoop more games when further scatters appear.

Diamond Destiny

This is our favourite of the three UltraSpin slots, simply because while the gameplay remains similar, the cabinet itself is by far the best looking. Basically, if we ran a casino, this is the machine that we’d want on our gaming floor! The action itself continues in the same vein, with 25 lines again the betting option of choice, although you’ll need a forty credit minimum bet in order to contribute to the jackpot prize pool. Free spins and multipliers are again the features of choice and you can win them both during normal and free play.

The UltraSpin series is based on the Viridian Hybrid system and will remain a land based exclusive for the foreseeable future. However, if you want the Aristocrat experience online then you’re more than welcome to check out the dedicated Aristocrat section here at Mr Gamez, containing reviews of all the top games and the very best online alternatives. If you’d prefer to try games that feature heart stopping progressive prize action, then take a look at our recommendations in the Jackpot Slots section now!