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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Booming Games is going for gold with their real cash slot, Arriba Arriba. Based on an expression that has been associated with the likes of Speedy Gonzales, this is a hot Mexican experience to get your grubby mitts on. It’s a bit of the wild west meets spicy chillies and sour drinks; it’s the ultimate sensory event.

As far as the game itself goes, the brand has certainly been busy; they’ve tightened up their image a lot with this slot machine. It’s a modern activity ready to attract old school and newbies alike, all with the power of quirky graphics and an animated matrix. In terms of dynamic, you’re looking at a typical 3×5 grid in which you’ll find 15 winlines, all of which are adjustable.

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Full of Expression

Having played with the brand quite a bit, we’d gotten used to the varied themes, as well as the lack of variation when it comes to attractiveness. Their swashbuckling adventures in Ahoy Matey and their roaring fun in Animal Party go to show that bright and vivid isn’t their style.

So imagine our surprise when we saw this interface: it’s packed full of different colours, all of which draw the eyes across the grid, tempting you to take in all the visual markers. Alongside this, you then have a illustrative style that makes the fruits look as expressive as people, with their funny faces adding to the humour of the activity. This is all about fun, of capturing the playful nature of the Mexican spirit.

Hungry for Corn

The corn icon, with its toothy expression, is the symbol that is going to have you screaming “Arriba!” at the top of your lungs. It’s the scatter icon. Now as most of us know, scatter symbols aren’t packed full of wow factor, but what they do offer is a many free games. And who can say no to free items? We know we can’t!

Just as you’ll have seen from other brands, as well as titles like Animal Party, another icon will be chosen at random prior to the spins starting. This is so that your Expanding Wild icon can be determined, a feature that is sure to make the reels side in your favour rather than the system’s.

Tails You Win, Heads You Lose

As you’ve seen for yourselves, the variance here isn’t that high at all, in fact we’d give it a low to medium rating, and so you need to find other ways to keep yourselves amused. This is where the gamble option comes in, as this risky double or nothing can quietly up the stakes. All you have to do is create a win and then the option will become available to you.

When compared to the other gamble features we’ve seen from Booming Games, we’d say this is their most limited, mainly because it falls back on traditional imagery rather than thinking outside of the box. Gamblers have to guess which side of the coin it’ll land on, heads or tails. As usual, if you get it right you can play for more gold, but get it wrong and you go home a lot lighter. However, what is unusual is that you’re able to half your gamble amount here, and so you don’t always lose fully even if you guess wrong.

Ramp up That Spice!

If, like us, you enjoy a spice overload, you’ll want to try More Chilli, a real cash slot created by Aristocrat, and it delivers a cheerful vibe just like Arriba Arriba does, though via a different set of images. There’s your expected tiles covered in chillies and peppers, but we’d say that there’s more substance offered by Aristocrat.

In terms of similarity, the two are very alike, more so when it comes to the paytable and its contents: they both deliver free games, and they do so in a way that isn’t your typical delivery. Instead of just giving you some extra spins and calling it quits, they add a pinch of depth into the bubbling mix. But at the same time this means that the variance is limited in both examples, and so you’re getting a shorter experience when gaming with either one.

Joyful Entertainment

Arriba Arriba has a special place in our hearts, for it was the first Booming Games slot machine that we tried and we felt excited about. The atmosphere it projects outwards, the colours and the texture, even the paytable all feel so much better than what they’ve offered us before. It could just be a placebo effect triggered by the newness of the grid, but whatever the reason, we’re loving this game.