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Upon loading a game of Bacchus, those not familiar with the name could be forgiven for thinking this a romantic slot machine, and while in some aspects it is, they’d be wrong. Bacchus was the Roman’s version of the Dionysus, a god of fertility, wine and harvests. That would explain all the rich purply red references littered throughout the grid…

In comparison to their other slots, this is much dark in the aesthetic chosen, which in turn creates a more foreboding atmosphere. This isn’t a vengeful god by any means, but the mix of tones captures a very primal and intense energy that’s hard to ignore. It definitely makes the title stand out from its sister slots, if nothing else.

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Seeing Red

As we’ve just touched upon, the interface is swimming in red: it’s virtually everywhere you look, and while the theme is primarily of wine, we can’t help but be reminded of blood. This is true even more so when you look at the background behind the 3×5 grid, for it looks like a battleground.

Seeing as this is a mythology inspired real cash slot, we can appreciate that a certain tone has been attempted here, one that provokes intense emotions. However, we think there could have been more lightness in the execution of this title, mainly because it feels so suffocating. We like a good drink of wine, but there’s nothing about Bacchus that has us wanting the drinks to carry on flowing, nor the fertility to be high.

Making Wine

What will possibly get us to change our mind about the drinking is the gamble option, for it shoves wine in your face to the point that it’s all you can think about. Actually, scratch that, it forces you to make the wine instead, which is ten times worse. Temptation aside, this is a clever way of integrating the double or nothing with the main theme of the title.

You’re presented with one large bowl, and above it on either side a bunch of grapes, one that is red and the other white. What you have to do is select the one you think will appear inside the bowl. When we played we experienced a prolonged bout of good luck, which although unnerved us, spurred us on to keep pushing until we eventually lost. According to the paytable, you can gamble up to 10 times, thus allowing for greater returns than most slot machines.

What a Man!

You might not feel as we do, if you’re not so inclined, but the muscular male that is the scatter symbol is mighty fine eye candy for all of you ladies (and men) out there. As well as being decent to look at, he also brings with him the gift of free spins, which isn’t quite the fruit of his loins, but it’ll do.

Seeing as this is a Booming Games slot, you’ll get the standard offering of 10 free games, a reasonable amount but hardly one that you’ll remember with awe. Nonetheless, that figure can be increased should you activate another three scatters or more inside of the spins, thus allowing for an endless loop of free gambling.

Lavished in Riches

Rome was a bountiful and renowned empire, which is probably why its history has helped influence so much media in today’s culture. We can’t move without seeing references to the period. This is true of the 3 reels of Roman Riches, a real cash slot developed by Microgaming. The title may not sound all that enticing, but we promise you that the content inside the paytable is.

The aesthetic of the game is one that’s limited, held back by the age of the game itself, but that not only makes it appeal to retro players but also to those looking for different outlets. A lot of slots nowadays are 5-reels, and so to find a themed slot of a smaller size is quite the hidden gem.

More Wine

Though it may not be wise to do, we found ourselves downing more wine the longer we played Bacchus, such is its questionable influence. We’re not sure why it gripped us so because, in truth, it’s a limited game across the board.Yet here we are, playing yet another playthrough. Whatever the power is that it wields, it’s definitely cast a spell on us. Although that could be the wine talking…!