Genie Wishes Slot

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200 Free Spins + $1,250 Full bonus terms


200 Free Spins + $1,250 Full bonus terms

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At one time or another during our lives we have longed for the help of a genie, the very notion of being granted wishes sending us back into the arms of blissful, ignorant youth. Even though we know real magic such as this doesn’t exist, we can pretend a bit harder when we play the winlines of Genie Wishes, a Booming Games title.

This 5-reel slot machine may be on the small side, but so too are lamps and we all know how valuable they can be. Inside the matrix is not only a being that can help you become rich, but it’s a means of escapism from the harsh realities of the world, something we could all do with thanks to the shape of today’s political climate.

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Rub the Lamp

The rubbing of the lamp is by far one of the most important details on any genie related slot machine, for without that rubbing the genie remains trapped inside indefinitely. Nobody wants that, even more so when we know that free games are on the horizon, all we need is to give between three and five rubs of those lamps and we’ll be there. Okay, so instead of rubs replace the word with ‘combination’ and you’ll be onto a winner. Once you’ve received that winning formation, you’ll be given up to 10 free spins, as well as a monetary reward, worth between 1.50 and 1,500 credits. As you’ve probably guessed from that range, you’ll need to increase your betting range if you’re to see the monetary value of the top paying tile. It’s an ugly truth to hear for those of you on a budget, but we’re afraid that it’s just the way of the world.

Open Sesame

Normally this is a phrase to do with opening locked doors or hidden rooms, but we’re using it to refer to the interactive content of the gamble option. Booming Games tend to offer double or nothings to their clients, for it helps increase the diversity of the activities, turning them from low to medium variance in one fluid motion. What we appreciate most about their efforts though, isn’t just their inclusion of this extra, but the very fact that they make it so in-keeping with the game. Inside Genie Wishes you’re given a giant golden lamp, with a red gemstone on one side and a green one on the other. You need to select which you think will be encased inside the lamp and, if you guess right, you’ll be given an increase of prize money. So simple, yet it’s such an effective way of stimulating users. It’s much better to see than the standard card based mini games that do the round in virtually every other real cash slot!

A Land of Wonder

Even though we know that Genie Wishes is a good slot, we feel that you need to have other options open to you, just to keep the mind active, and so we give you Wonderland by Gamesys. As you’ll have probably gathered from the title, this is an online slot based on the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. The 100 winlines of this slot machine means that you get a much larger matrix to manoeuver around, which in turn gives you better value you for money. However, as far as variance is concerned, the two are roughly level pegging. That being said, with Gamesys being the brand behind Wonderland, more users may feel inclined to play it rather than the Booming Games option, simply because Gamesys is better known.

If Wishes Were Candy

Oh man, if only wishes were like candy – then we’d have enough of them to fill a bathtub, but alas, the world is cruel. Nonetheless, while magic may not be in the air, we’re able to run off to whimsical lands whenever we feel like it, thanks to the development of slot machines like Genie Wishes. This gap filler may be a small bang for your buck, but it’s one that we’d pay for again, due to how entertaining and immersive it is.