Booongo Online Slots

Given just how many online casino software providers are in the business today, you might assume that any new entrants into the field would have to offer something special. Maybe a new type of game to attract players, high-end graphics that have a distinctive style all their own, or a huge catalogue of options for players and operators to salivate over.

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Surprisingly, though, that’s not always the case. For instance, there’s a company known as Booongo that has recently begun offering games and a software platform that will allow operators to run a full casino. But rather than offering something out of this world, this company’s products seem somewhat disappointing instead.

That’s starts with their website, which offers up little information about the developer — and with such a low profile, there’s not much that we could find on this group. They appear to have made their first leaps into the industry rather recently (their launch date appears to be sometime in 2015), and we can’t pin down an office location for them, either. We’re not even sure exactly which – if any – reputable sites utilize this software at the moment.

What we do know is that they offer both a handful of games and a platform on which they can deliver them. And while that may not be much, it’s still an entry into the business that deserves a look from players and site owners alike.

Booongo Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Small Slots Portfolio

Booongo doesn’t have a whole lot of games in their arsenal, and they don’t have any outside of a small slots selection. In fact, based on what we’ve seen on their website and elsewhere, we think there are only about 10 games total that have been created by the studio, though there are a few more scheduled for release over the next year.

The quality of these games certainly varies, with newer games showing more graphical refinement than older ones. However, this isn’t a particularly wide range: even the worst of these titles wouldn’t be out of place in a decent casino collection, while even the best are hardly groundbreaking or standout titles that will wow players when put up against the best of most other developers.

As usual, the best way to get a sense of what this portfolio is all about is by diving into a few of these games. Let’s start with Crazy Gems, a relatively straightforward five-reel, 10-line game with a gemstone theme and payouts that run both left-to-right and right-to-left. A static cave background does a nice job of setting up an underground atmosphere for the machine, which features both the traditional poker rank symbols and a wide varieties of gems of different colors – including a valuable rainbow set of crystals – on the screen. The only special feature in the game is the Star Gem; when this icon appears, you’ll get a respin in which most symbols are doubled, offering the chance for much bigger prizes.

For a more complex game, you can try Secret of Nefertiti. This is a 20-line game with a heavy Egyptian theme: you’ll see asps, cats, scorpions, and the queen herself gracing the reels against the backdrop of a royal palace. Wilds are also on the reels, but they are more powerful than usual: use one of these substitutes to make a win, and you’ll see a multiplier of somewhere between 2x and 5x applied to your prize. There’s even a free spins round in which players can choose how many spins they get: 15 with more 2x wilds, 10 with 3x wilds, or 5 with the 5x wilds on the reels.

For a more cartoonish approach, you might fire up Hunting Party, a game all about a trek through the great outdoors. Despite the potentially violent theme, this game is actually lighthearted and cute in its approach. You’ll be matching hunting equipment like binoculars and backpacks, ducks, and the hunter himself to win prizes, while the entire party acts as a scatter that can trigger as many as 25 free spins if you find five on the screen at once. There’s also a wild that can help connect winning symbols, and a bonus bear: hit three of them, and you’ll get to play a second screen mini-game in which you attempt to steal as much money from the dim-witted hunter before you get caught.

These are just three of the more notable games in the collection, but given that there are only a few slots in total offered by Booongo, we thought we’d just list them all.  Beyond the three mentioned above, they include:

  • God’s Temple
  • Halloween Witch
  • Fruiterra
  • Thunder Zeus
  • Fruity Frost
  • Kailash Mystery
  • Kang Aliens

In addition, the firm regularly announces their upcoming titles, allowing players to have an idea of what they’ll see in the upcoming months. For instance, at the time of this writing, they list found games that are expected to be released in late 2016 and early 2017, including Hell’s Band, Chinese New Year, Christmas Charm, and Diego Fortune.

Potential Here for Operators to Consider

Given how young they are, it’s not surprising that Booongo has yet to put together a huge casino gaming selection, and while their slots seem solid enough to us, it’s also fair to say that it’s a bit early for them to be earning awards. So why should anyone be willing to take a chance on this developer’s software?

The answer is that there’s really nothing this company offers right now that jumps off the page and stands out for either players or operators. Instead, anyone utilizing this software is banking on the potential of a young company to continue to innovative and create a platform that is truly special as they move forward.

And while it’s unclear if Booongo can deliver on that promise just yet, they are certainly ambitious when it comes to talking about what they want their software to be. The idea is to create something that can easily integrate games from other providers into the package, all while providing in-depth statistical information for operators so that they can learn more about their users, their games, what’s working, and what’s not. While it is hard to imagine that this is really better than what the market offers right now – as the company claims – it’s certainly enough to give those who want to start a new site and are willing to give an unproven company a chance something to think about.

Keep an Eye on This Group

If it hasn’t become clear yet, we don’t think there’s a whole lot to see from Booongo – other than the excess number of O’s in their name – just yet, especially when it comes to what players tend to look for in a software provider. Their slots are fine, but they run into two problems: there are no real standout titles, and there isn’t enough volume to get a whole casino experience (or anything close to it) from this one company. That makes them at most a supporting player at the moment, and it’s hard to see a situation in which players will make or break their casino choice decisions on the inclusion or absence of this particular collection.

That means that, for now, we’re taking a “wait and see” approach when it comes to this developer. We see nothing to turn you away from playing their games, however; the company seems to have a solid enough reputation, and the games are pretty fun, if not particularly outstanding. If they are included in a site you like for other reasons, it’s probably worth taking a session to try a few of their titles and see if there are any you want to add to your rotation. On the other hand, you won’t be missing too much if you don’t play them, so don’t lose any sleep over trying to find a Booongo casino site.