Capecod Gaming Online Slots

See the name Cape Cod in any form, and many minds drift to the Massachusetts coastal area that has long been a haven for summer vacationers. Filled with quaint towns, luxurious bed and breakfasts, and easy access to small island communities, many people dream of retiring here – at least during the warmer parts of the year.

In the gaming world, however, this name has nothing to do with Falmouth and Martha’s Vineyard. Instead, Capecod – all one word – is a major Italian online gambling software developer that has created a variety of HTML5 games for desktop and mobile play. Founded in 1987, the company has spent the last decade focused almost entirely on developing for the Italian iGaming industry from their headquarters in Castel Bolognese. Focused mostly on slots, the studio has done an excellent job of building out a collection that can serve as the core of a solid casino product.

Capecod Gaming Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

3D Slots and More

A quick look at the portfolio that is advertised on the Capecod site makes it clear that the company takes pride in two things about their products. First, they make sure that clients know that the games are made entirely in Italy, allowing both operators and users to know that they’re supporting a truly local company. Secondly, all of their creations are presented in full HD, providing for high-quality graphics across the board. While themes and styles may vary between machines, the company’s commitment to quality appears to be pretty consistent throughout their library.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect from this developer, let’s take a closer look at a few of the more prominent games in the Capecod collection. First, let’s talk about Klondike Fever, a gold-prospecting-themed machine. When you first fire up this game, there’s a 3D animation of a miner riding a cart down a gold mine, a good intro to the 3D graphics that are included in several of these titles. You’ll also notice that the graphics are bright, expressive, and with a bit of that 3D perspective. If you wanted to compare it to a better-known developer, the obvious comparison would be to Betsoft – though these games tend to have a slightly more hand-drawn feel and are lighter on the actual animations.

The game itself is a 25-payline, five-reel machine, with players matching a variety of thematic symbols: a prospector and other characters along with pans of gold, pickaxes, dynamite and TNT. The object of the game is a simple one: match symbols across your active lines to win prizes, with longer combinations earning larger rewards.

Several special symbols are also available in this game. For instance, there’s a wild that can substitute for any of the normal symbols, or make its own prizes if you match several in a row – up to 5,000 coins for five in a row. There are also three special features: a bonus game in which you’ll collect prizes by mining gold, a standard free spins round, and a magic spin round that comes with more customization options for players to choose the advantages they like.

Just about everyone has a vampire-themed game or two by now, and Capecod is no exception, developing Immortal Blood. This is another 25-line machine featuring a variety of creepy but alluring characters that just might be vampires, with both men and women alike dotting the screen. You can also match crossbows, bats, ravens, and other spooky symbols, with the whole game taking place on a stormy night in a small backwoods town – the perfect setting for a monster horror film.

Once again, this machine features the free spin and magic spin bonus rounds, with plenty of different options available based on which character you want to align with in the game: players can choose between extra wilds, more spins, or bonus multipliers. While the gameplay is very similar to Klondike Fever, these two themes give the machines a very different feel from each other.

For something very different, players can check out the western-themed Bandit Saloon. This is a 243 Ways game, one in which paylines are a thing of the past and any left-to-right winning combination will score you cash. In other ways, however, this is more of a traditional slot than the ones described above: the basic symbols that win small prizes include the poker ranks, starting with tens and working up through aces.

For bigger wins, you’ll need to hit some more thematic icons like guns, sheriff’s badges, and some of the town locals, with a sharpshooting woman being the biggest prize winner. There’s also the wild whisky bottle and a second wild horseshoe, along with a wanted bonus that can earn players entry into a shootout bonus round, where you’ll get one attempt to shoot down a bandit for each poster you collected on the triggering spin.

While these games vary thematically and in terms of their gameplay styles, they all still feel connected, as Capecod certainly has a distinctive design – one that uses bold coloring, sharp design, and just a touch of 3D and animation to give these machines a bit more personality. In total, there are more than 30 slots available from this provider, including the following titles:

In addition to their slots collection, Capecod also has a very small group of table games that they’ve also licensed out to their clients. There is a blackjack game that follows a pretty typical American rule set – something that surprised us given the Italian origins of the game, leading us to think that European standards like limited doubling and “no peak” rules would be in effect.

The company has also created three different roulette options for players to choose from. The standard ones are a double-zero American roulette game as well as a French roulette option. We were initially confused by another option called “Fair Roulette,” but that just seems to be their name for European roulette, which is indeed a fairer version of the game for players than the American option.

An Italian Treasure

If you live throughout most of the world, it is understandable if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of Capecod. But as it happens, this is actually a major brand, with more than 50 casinos utilizing their software. The reason that these things can both be true is that the company nearly exclusively works in Italy, providing games for the regulated and licensed iGaming market there. In their home country, however, they have partnered with clients both big and small, sometimes exclusively powering casinos, and sometimes appearing alongside software from other major providers.

As a part of their efforts, Capecod does create a fully scalable and open platform for operators to use, one that can power all of the important operations of a modern Internet casino. It can also provide integration with plenty of other products from some of the world’s largest gaming companies, both in terms of casino games (including live dealer options) and poker, sportsbook, bingo and lottery options (including products from the Italian national lottery). This has helped make the company one of the go-to providers in Italy.

An Excellent Option for Italians Who Love Slots

Capecod may only offer a limited number of titles, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the most important names in Italian iGaming. In a highly regulated market where licensing is a paramount issue, they are one of the most trusted brands around, helping to power a huge number of sites that are played by residents throughout the country, making them almost ubiquitous with online casinos in Italy.

This reach is well deserved, as this is a studio that has created quality games time and time again. The only real weakness in their collection is the small number of non-slots options, but this is usually covered by their integration with other software suites, which helps round out what players can find. If you’re playing from Italy, this is one of the best developers to trust to bring you online gambling action that is both fun and trustworthy.